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Saturday, April 18th, 2015
8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
528 Main St., Longmont


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The LDDA held its annual Downtown Longmont Clean & Green event on Saturday, April 18th as part of the city-wide Clean Up Green Up campaign which runs the entire month of April.

Over 130 people from the community helped on a cold/cloudy/drizzly day to clean up Downtown. We made an impact with a variety of deep-cleaning and landscaping projects that went beyond the regular maintenance  performed Downtown. Breakfast, lunch, and t-shirts were provided for our energetic group which encompassed people of all ages! 

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2015 Clean & Green Volunteers
Photos courtesy of Debbie Adams






  • Volunteer Crew Leaders provided by Gears
    • Andrew, Austin, Collin, Danny, Matt, Max, and Oomar along with their guests Kai, Zoe, Stacie, Marci and Benjamin
  • Eagles Nest at Longmont Estates Elementary School
    • Karen, Kathleen, Kristel, Hayes, Rylen, Chris, Erin, Chace, Lauri, Tiffany, Bridget, Kelly, Jocelyn, Dorian, Donald and Amanda
  • Giggling Gaggle Red Hats
    • Joyce, Donna, Joanne, Susanne and Lori
  • Girl Scout Troops 73913 and 74447
    • Kara, Jeff, Lisa, Amy, Emma, Mikayla, Lara, Kate, Maddy, Shana, Luke, Macy and Elisia
  • Home Depot
    • Cheryl, Misty, Becca, Willis, Sadi and Troy
  • IBMC
    • Heather, Kim, Victor, Chantalle, Kevin and Corey
  • Litter Loathers
    • Karen, Ariel, Abby and Kate
  • Longmont Social Meetup Group
    • Kendra, Cheryl, Rebecca, Keith, Kathy, Maureen, David, Alex and Teresa
  • Montage Academy Student Council
    • Maggie, Cassidy, Josianne and Jaime
  • Security Service Federal Credit Union
    • Donnie, Elizabeth, Bruce, Donna, Laura and Mike
  • Twin Peaks Rotary Club
    • Shawn Lewis, Dennis Gordon, Mike McDonough, Dietra Porter, Kirsten and Logan Pellicer, Carlo Giordano, Bill Chella, Gretchen and Amanda Dixon, Wendi Nafziger and Frank and Brittany Oliver
  • Village Place Spruce Up Gang
    • Bill, Camilla, Barbara, Janet, Ron, John and Betty
  • VolkBell Team
    • Cindy, Kathleen, Clair, Tina, Alex, Logan, Amy and Andy


  • Keith and Lacy Bearden
  • Diana Brooks
  • John Coe
  • Brydon Cooke and La Rissa Felt
  • Lili Goad
  • Alan Hancock
  • Jongli Jaing & Lanzhong Wang
  • Aislin Jeske
  • ​Cheryl Johnson
  • Steve, Amy, and Ian Lane
  • Sarah Levison (Longmont City Council)
  • Matt, Elizabeth, and Callie Meyers
  • Shao Min
  • Mauda, Harlow and Nessa Moran
  • Nancy Rezac - Visit Longmont
  • Doug Ward


136 volunteers provided 550 hours of service to help us clean up the following areas.

  • Main St.
  • 7 public parking lots
  • 6 Breezeways and 6 alleyways
  • St. Stephen's and 6th Ave. Plazas
  • Kimbark, Coffman and Terry Streets
  • The Village Place Homes
  • Overall, over 15 downtown blocks received a little extra TLC

Cleanup Included:

  • installing 25 new plants and mulch at St. Stephen's Plaza at 5th Ave. and Main St. (previously home to overgrown/dying juniper bushes)
  • filling over 130 trash bags and two trailers with curb/gutter leaves
  • laying new mulch in most of the east side parking lot landscaping areas emptying three trailers and one dump truck
  • cleaning up debris, leaves, weeds and trash
  • cleaning shared trash enclosures on east side alleys
  • picking up 100s of cigarette butts
  • cleaning benches, trash cans, kiosks, tables, bike racks, magazine bins, and chairs on Main St.
  • sweeping the three new east alleys
  • sweeping up debris at crosswalks and curb/gutters

2014 Clean & Green Photos by Debbie Adams

2013 Clean & Green video from the Times-Call

History of Clean and Green

The LDDA along with support from the City of Longmont Public Works and Natural Resources Department select downtown areas for clean-up including breezeways, alleys, around buildings, and other structures downtown. Additionally, the LDDA reviews a Creative District Report provided by Arts Longmont. The report was generated by the Placemaking Committee and included a “wish list” of areas around downtown that could use extra care to look vibrant and beautiful again.

For more information about this event, call Del Rae Heiser at 303-651-8586 or email