Art in Public Places

Wherever you go in Longmont, you will find art. Established in 1987, Longmont’s Art in Public Places Program is administered through the Longmont Museum and managed by the Art in Public Places Commission of the City of Longmont. Downtown Longmont features a wide variety of public art. It is through a commitment to diversity in material, form and placement that Longmont’s Art in Public Places has become one of Colorado’s most successful public art programs. Enjoy a stroll or bike to view the following pieces of art in Downtown and throughout Longmont.

6th Avenue and Main Street (6th Ave. Plaza)

BRICK SCULPTURE by Ken Williams, 1992. This abstract, bio-morphic artwork echoes the buildings of downtown Longmont through its vertical posture and traditional brickwork.

Coffman Street from 4th to 9th Avenues

TRACKS by Gregg LeFevre, 1995. Take a walk down Coffman Street between 4th and 9th Avenues and discover the lighthearted humor of LeFevre's imprints in the sidewalks.

470 Main Street (St. Stephen's Plaza at 5th Ave. and Main St.)

CLORESE by artist Sherrill Stone

TOUCHING SOUND by artist Maureen Hearty

STRANGER REDUCTION ZONE by artist Timothy Flood

EARLY LONGMONT by Gregg LeFevre, 1996. This 5' by 7' bronze map of Longmont's original square mile illustrates important events, buildings and features from the early years of the town's history. The artwork was commissioned in celebration of Longmont's 125th anniversary. You can find it in front of the old St. Stephen's Church, 5th Ave. and Main Street.


4th Avenue and   Kimbark Street

LONGMONT 1871-1910 by George Greenamyer, 1993. Greenamyer's library portal of painted steel commemorates the founding people and events of the City of Longmont. Longmont Public Library.


4th Avenue and Emery Street 


First Teacher by Ann La Rose, 2003. A bronze sculpture, given in memory of Nancy Nixon, a key part of Longmont's cultural and educational community. By the Longmont Public Library.

Civic Center, 350 Kimbark Street

DELILAH by Artist Reven Swanson

COLORFUL POETRY IN THE MIDDLE PAGES by Louise Kodis, 1994. Kodis colorful array of mixed-media banners are balanced explosions of shapes and colors. The art is located at the Civic Center Complex.

SISTER CITIES GOOSE by Beau Townsend and Lory Ohs, 2002. One of the Geese from the Geese Galore! project has joined the AIPP collection. Sister Cities Goose displays the relationship between Longmont and our two Sister Cities, Chino, Japan and Guzman, Mexico. Look for the goose inside the Civic Center.


225   Kimbark Street

HOW WE LIVE AND WHAT WE LIVE FOR by Barbara Jo Revelle, 1993. This thirty-five foot tall, computer-generated, ceramic tile mural displays attributes valued by Longmont's founders. Located at the Safety and Justice Center.


Bike Racks 


Bicycle Racks by the Children of Longmont, 2005. The 20 functional bicycle racks that can be found throughout the downtown area were designed and painted by the children of Longmont. The project was to provide artistic and functional bicycle parking for those who choose to use bicycles to move around in the Downtown area.