Longmont Downtown Development Authority and the City of Longmont are partnering on a Building Better Cities dialogue series.  This series brings speakers to discuss future trends, best practices and information on redevelopment and planning from around the globe.

Monday, November 7 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. at the Longmont Museum and Cultural Center.

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November: Learn about the Top Trends in Downtowns and how they relate to Longmont, then give us your ideas for the future!  

5:30 p.m.: Happy Half Hour - enjoy a cash bar, light appetizers and see the final day to the Dia de los Muertos exhibit!

6 p.m.: 3rd Building Better Cities discussion – Featuring Top 10 Global Trends Report presented by Brad Segal, president of Progressive Urban Management Associates. 

Progressive Urban Management Associates (P.U.M.A.) conducts award winning research to identify the top trends in demographics, lifestyles, and global competition and place them in the unique context of U.S. cities and towns. The P.U.M.A. Global Trends Report has been utilized by cities across the country to support downtown planning, marketing and economic development initiatives. The 2017 edition of P.U.M.A.’s Global Trends Report finds downtowns and urban districts benefiting from powerful market forces that have accelerated.  Urban areas that once took decades to improve are transforming in a matter of years. Joining mainstay trends in demographics, lifestyles and global competition, the report offers insight into new phenomena that are becoming game changing considerations for cities.  The resulting urban renaissance is good news for city builders but is also presenting new challenges.  In this presentation, Brad Segal, President of P.U.M.A., will tailor the information to local conditions, weighing in on what’s coming that can be expected to make an impact - good or bad - in Downtown Longmont.  He has 35 years of experience in Downtown leadership and management.

6:45 – 7:30 p.m.: Community Input Stations. Take this opportunity to help us shape the future of Downtown Longmont as we update our Master Plan of Development. Give your ideas and strategies of how to make a valuable and vital downtown in the heart of our community. On this election eve - join in the fun and Cast Your Vote on the direction of Downtown!

March: Mobility and parking challenges in Colorado are nothing new but as new waves of people arrive in the urban and suburban areas these challenges are compounded. Land use, property values, employment, housing, and mobility are inextricably linked and Colorado communities are increasingly struggling to balance people and the vibrant spaces they look for with the cars in which they arrive. Understanding how active parking management can shape mobility and connectivity in our urban centers is a question that many Front Range communities are currently addressing. Dennis Burns and Vanessa Solesbee of Denver-based Kimley-Horn and Associates shared the latest in National Trends and Best Practices for Parking and Access Management. Both Dennis and Vanessa are currently working on a Parking and Access Management Study for Downtown Longmont and will also be sharing a progress report for that Study as well, including what they’ve heard from community stakeholders about the parking experience in Downtown Longmont. View powerpoint presentation.

January: How can our City grow and maintain its historic fabric? Challenge your assumptions about land use and development with Joe Minicozzi of Urban3, as he discusses long-term property value drivers, suburban sprawl and the value of mixed-use urban development.

Minicozzi's keynote session will change the way people think about the cost of development, sprawl and the value of land. He will present the results of studies across the US and Canada to demonstrate the market and tax revenue effect of various land use patterns. His work makes visual the tenet that "form follows finance," and breaks into the underlying assumptions that run counter to the work of efficient planning and Smart Growth. To steal a line from Jerry McGuire, Joe will "show you the money." View the presentation.