Starting September 1st, LDDA Office Hours will be as follows: Monday - Thursday 10:00- 4:30, and Friday by appointment only.

About the LDDA

Founded in 1982

  • Funded through Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
  • LDDA has a 5 mill levy on all real and personal property within the district which goes toward district operations and maintenance
  • LDDA manages the Longmont General Improvement District (GID) which is funded through a property tax levy of 6.798 mills on all 
    real and personal property within the GID boundaries. Funds are used for routine maintenance of public parking lots and pedestrian ways located within the GID
  • LDDA managers the Downtown Parking Fund on behalf of the City of Longmont
  • LDDA has more than 430 parcels and more than 450 local businesses

LDDA Invests in Properties

Façade grant program (DIP) - Up to $10,000 or 25% of façade

  • Includes façade improvements such as doors, windows, brick, painting and other investments
  • May consider funding interior projects that are used to get building up to code for restaurant uses

Façade improvement program (FIP)

  • Larger scale façade projects
  • Must show payback of money invested through TIF over time

Retail conversion grant program – Up to $15,000 with a $7,500 match from LEDP

  • Used to convert ground level storefront spaces into retail uses
  • Jointly funded by City of Longmont and LDDA
  • Can be used for interior and exterior improvements

Signage grant program – Up to $3,500

  • Used to upgrade signage to meet sign design standards in the LDDA district

Residential grant program – Up to $5,000

  • Used to add residential units in the LDDA district

LDDA Invests in Infrastructure Projects

Alleyscape & Breezeway project

  • Partnership with the City of Longmont to fix drainage and pavement issues
  • Fix aesthetic problems such as trash containers and wires
  • Make breezeways into open-area gathering spaces

Public sector Beautification projects

  • Streetscape – expansion from 3rd to 1st Avenue
  • St. Stephen’s Plaza
  • Flower pots
  • Coordinated benches, bike racks, trash/recycle containers
  • Banners & kiosks

LDDA Invests in the Creative District

  • Designated as a Certified Colorado Creative District
  • Working to infuse downtown with arts, cultural, entertainment and creative-based employers
  • Adds vibrancy and activity to make Downtown more appealing to businesses, developers, potential employers and visitors

LDDA Invests in Businesses

  • Joint marketing programs
  • Website and resources
  • Partner with other organizations for business trainings and services
  • Work with property owners for listing available spaces
  • Assists in matching businesses with locations
  • Coordinates district-wide promotions and events

LDDA Holds Events

  • Second Friday Events - ongoing
  • Downtown Concert Series - June
  • Holiday Tree Lighting – November
  • Small Business Saturday - November