Starting September 1st, LDDA Office Hours will be as follows: Monday - Thursday 10:00- 4:30, and Friday by appointment only.

The Project: Longmont Downtown Development Authority (LDDA) Master Plan Update

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What: A Master Plan is an official public document expressing a community vision. The LDDA’s Master Plan of Development will outline downtown’s current economic condition, as well as identify its opportunities and constraints. The Plan will be used to set future goals, policies, strategies and action steps.

This year, LDDA chose Progressive Urban Management Associates (P.U.M.A.) as the lead on the project. P.U.M.A. is a consulting firm providing management, marketing and financial services to advance downtown and community development. P.U.M.A. has provided services to more than 200 clients in 34 states, the District of Columbia, Canada and Jamaica and the Bahamas. It's clients include downtown management organizations, local governments, community development corporations and private firms.

Where: The plan will encompass the LDDA boundaries (see map).

Why: The Longmont Downtown Development Authority Board of Directors recently completed a five-year strategic plan. This is a critical time in the redevelopment of downtown, with interest from new investors and businesses. The current Master Plan of Development was completed in 1995.  Although much of it remains relevant, this is a critical time for an update for several reasons:

  • Reflect advances and changes in Downtown in the last 20 years!
  • Align the plan with Envision Longmont, the newly adopted City of Longmont Comprehensive Plan and other relevant City plans
  • Integrate the Longmont Arts & Entertainment District Plan
  • Create a strong policy foundation for year-on-year resource allocations by LDDA & the City

When: August 2016 – February 2017

Who: LDDA Board, staff and Downtown Stakeholders, including property owners, business owners, residents, visitors, economic partners, etc.

Steering Committee Members include:

Blake Hendricks Old Town Outfitters
Tamar Hendricks CrackPots
Brian Lindoerfer Boulder County
Chris McGilvray Longmont Liquors and LDDA Board
David Starnes Redevelopment, City of Longmont
Jon Schallert Schallert Group
Peg Schallert Schallert Group
Jeff Moore Longmont City Council and LDDA Board
Ron Cheyney Ron's Printing
Steve Lane Bas1s
Joanne Kirves Arts Longmont

Janine Ledingham

Longmont EDP
LDDA Staff

Kimberlee McKee

Del Rae Heiser

Emelie Torres

PUMA Staff

Erica Heller

JJ Folsom

Daniel Makela

How: Through community engagement, work groups and an online survey, the LDDA Board and Steering Committee will work with P.U.M.A. in a two-phase process.

Phase I: Review, Assess & Engagement

  • Review background documents & plans
  • Assess available market information & summarize opportunities
  • Engage community through survey, working groups & open house

Phase II: Synthesis & Master Plan

  • Synthesis of community engagement
  • Initial draft
  • Revise & community review
  • Final revisions
  • DDA Board/City Council Presentations

Work Groups:

Economic Vitality

  • Business mix
  • Attraction and retention
  • Downtown’s Niche/Brand
  • Marketing
  • Incentives and support
  • DDA District Boundary
  • Business Improvement District

Land Use

  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Civic & Cultural
  • Hospitality/Lodging
  • Mixed-use
  • Redevelopment tools

Creative District

  • Arts
  • Cultural venues
  • Entertainment
  • Events
  • Creative Culinary

Placemaking & Urban Design

  • Public Spaces
  • Utilities
  • Sidewalks
  • Streetscape
  • Fixtures (benches, light poles, etc.)
  • Way-finding signage
  • Public Art
  • Historic Character
  • Authenticity
  • Adaptive Reuse
  • Building Placement & Scale

Connectivity & Access

  • Vehicles
  • Pedestrian
  • Bicycles
  • Bike Lanes
  • Trails
  • Streets
  • Parking
  • Alleys
  • Bus
  • Future Rail
  • Connectivity