Downtown Incentive Program

The Longmont Downtown Development Authority (LDDA) offers business and property owners several incentives to support the maintenance and improvement of the historic buildings in our Downtown Longmont District. The incentives are only available to business and property owners within the boundaries of the LDDA (view map.) 

Prior to beginning these programs, applicants must meet with the LDDA staff and submit completed applications for full review. Applicants may also have to meet with the Board of Directors to receive final approval for grant requests. Grant applicants are required to demonstrate how their improvement is compatible with the Downtown Longmont Master Plan of Development and/or the Downtown Longmont Creative District Goals and Strategies. All grants are a reimbursement with funds dispersed after the project is completed and inspected by the LDDA.

In 2011, the LDDA Board designated an additional $1.1 million dollars in incentives to go toward the areas of Arts and Entertainment, Signage, Second floor Residential and Retail. The existing programs are based on current funds available.

Click here for a one-sheet summary of all LDDA Incentive Programs.

Façade Renovation Grant (DIP)

This grant program reimburses applicants for projects to renovate a building’s façade. Grant amounts are contingent on the scale of the project and available DIP grant funds with a maximum award of no greater than $10,000 or 25% of the total facade cost of the project. Funds may be used for restoration/renovation projects that would require a significant change to the façade of the building. 

Retail Conversion Grant

This grant reimburses retail storefront businesses for converting and upgrading previously non-retail properties in the LDDA to encourage additional retail development. Destination retail, craft, and culinary space businesses generating significant foot traffic are preferred. The program will provide a grant up to 25% of eligible project costs (not to exceed $22,500), from the LDDA and the Longmont Economic Development Partnership (LEDP) for qualifying improvements to qualified applicants. The total combined grant reimbursement amount may not exceed 50% of the total project. Before beginning the conversion, applicants must meet with the LDDA Executive Director and the Board of Directors to receive approval for the grant.

Signage Grant

The Downtown Sign Grant is designed for permanent sign projects for downtown buildings and properties. This grant is a reimbursement with funds dispersed after the approved signs have been installed and inspected. The maximum grant is 50% of total sign costs with a cap of $3,500, contingent on available funds and if the sign follows the Downtown Sign Design Standards. The $3,500 limit may be exceeded for marquee type signs associated with theaters, cinemas or performing arts facilities, subject to LDDA Board approval. 

Residential Grant

The Downtown Residential Grant is designed for façade and internal code renovation (upper story only) to residential housing to enhance the value of the building or property. The maximum grant is 25% of total costs, contingent on available funds with various caps depending on the housing type. The cap limit may be lifted for projects that fulfill the LDDA’s Downtown vision.

Residential Application Form

Façade Improvement Program (FIP)

The LDDA implements the Facade Improvement Program to help facilitate larger scale catalyst redevelopment projects in the downtown area through the use of tax increment investments. Applications are evaluated by the LDDA Board using an evaluation scoring system. Funding of eligible improvements will be based on a project’s score and available funds. Funding is available to property and business owners through this program for eligible building façade and public improvements. The City of Longmont provides staff assistance to the LDDA to administer the FIP. Interested applicants should contact the LDDA Executive Director, Kimberlee McKee, for more information at (303) 651-8483.

Enterprise Zone

The Enterprise Zone (EZ) is a state funded program that was created to promote a business friendly environment in economically distressed areas by offering state income tax credits that incentivize businesses to locate and develop in - and non-profit organizations to assist with the needs of - these communities. Areas of Longmont, Lafayette, and Broomfield recently received the North Metro Enterprise Zone designation. Specific areas of the Downtown District are included in this program! View the Enterprize Zone map (the LDDA is in the North Metro zone).

View informational flyer. For more information please visit or contact Jessica Erickson, Longmont Economic Development Parnership at 303-651-0128 or by email,

Additional Resources:

Longmont Area Economic

Boulder Small Business Development Center

The Boulder Small Business Development Center provides resources to help make your business successful, whether you are established, ready to grow, or just starting up. The Boulder SBDC supports Boulder County businesses in three ways:

  • Workshops held throughout the year on a variety of topics.
  • Confidential one-on-one consulting with experienced businesspeople.
  • Connecting clients to other valuable small business resources.

City of Longmont One-Stop Permit Processing Center

City of Longmont Permit Information and Forms

Located at the new Development Center on Kimbark Street (Old Museum/Old City Hall, across the street from the library), the One-Stop Permit Processing system means that customers can get all their information, plan reviews and building permits in one place. This streamlines the processes and customers no longer have to travel between remote City facilities.

The following City Departments can be found at this location:

  • Economic Development
  • Planning
  • Development Services
  • Public Works Engineering
  • Building Inspection
  • Parks and Open Space Administration

The following City Departments have satellite offices at this location:

  • Longmont Power and Communication
  • Public Works & Natural Resources
  • The Fire Department.