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The LDDA & GID Districts

In 1982, the Longmont City Council and the Longmont electorate created the Longmont Downtown Development Authority (LDDA) with a mandate to revitalize the City’s Downtown commercial core consisting of 242 acres, spanning 1st Avenue to Longs Peak and Martin Street to Terry Street.

Additionally, the LDDA manages the General Improvement District (GID) on behalf of the Longmont City Council. The GID is a special tax district withing the LDDA district. The Downtown Longmont GID was originally formed in 1966 to finance Downtown projects such as parking, beautification and landscaping, creation of mid-block pedestrian walkways and acquisition of necessary land and improvements in connection with these projects.

The City Council, acting as the GID Board of Directors, contracts with the LDDA to carry out the functions of the GID. The original bonded indebtedness, incurred in 1967, was paid off at the end of 1991. The parking lots, breezeways and streetscape maintenance program are funded in part by a mill levy collected within the GID.

LDDA Parcel Map   

The LDDA area consists of 6 blocks and one area, known as the east corridor, spans from Emery to Martin Street between 1st and 3rd Avenue. The GID is shown in the dashed area.