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About the Longmont Creative District

The Creative Districts program was established by the Colorado Legislature and is administered by Colorado Creative Industries (CCI). The program encourages the development of creative districts in communities around the state, and such districts are supposed to enhance cultural and economic vitality and serve as a focal point of community identity.

In 2012, the Longmont A & E District (now known as the Longmont Creative District) was one of the state's first five Prospective Creative Districts.  In 2014, the Longmont Creative District was awarded formal designation from the State of Colorado as a Certified Creative District.  In 2019, the Longmont Creative District was recertified for an additional five years.

Thank you to Colorado Creative Industries and Boettcher Foundation for your support on this exciting endeavor!

A Creative District's Purpose:

:: Attract artists and creative entrepreneurs to a community

:: Elevate economic and civic capital of Colorado communities

:: Create hubs and clusters of economic activity

:: Enhance areas as appealing places to live, conduct

   businesses and attract visitors

:: Serve as an economic strategy and magnet

:: Revitalize and Beautify

:: Promote a community’s unique identity

:: Showcase cultural and artistic events and amenities