Longmont Creative District

Mission: To promote Downtown vibrancy through arts, culture and economic development.

History: In 2011, the Longmont Downtown Development Authority (LDDA) worked with the community to create and adopt the Longmont Arts & Entertainment District Strategic Action Plan. Read more. Hundreds of downtown volunteers, business owners, artists and organizations have been working to implement the plan ever since. The plan was integrated in the Downtown Longmont Master Plan of Development in 2017.

Why Longmont Creative District (LCD)?: Part of the implementation strategy was to diversify and increase funding to implement the Creative District Plan. By using a non-profit model, LCD can work with philanthropists, sponsors, foundations and other funding partners to match goals with outcomes, creating a thriving Downtown district for the entire community.

How will LCD work in our community: LCD will work with the LDDA, City of Longmont, developers, philanthropists, sponsors, organizations, artists, businesses and other stakeholders to identify projects and fulfill the vision of the Longmont Creative District. The possibilities are endless and include things such as:

  • Creating gateways into Downtown
  • Placemaking elements
  • Attracting more creative employers and employees
  • Art projects
  • Creative redevelopment projects
  • Hosting events