Triple Your Impact

Want to know how you can go a step further in supporting local businesses? There are three simple ways to triple your impact:

  1. Shop locally 3x per week. This does not mean you have to go on a shopping spree multiple times every week. It means focusing on purchasing items from small businesses that you would normally buy online or from a corporate chain. It could be food staples, cooking ingredients, or snacks from one of our downtown markets, or buying a physical book from a downtown book store instead of adding to your e-reader library. Or purchase a family game or craft project kit from a downtown business instead of watching TV or playing games online.
  2. Grab food or drink locally 3x per week. This does not mean spending hundreds on dinner and drinks for the whole family multiple times every week. It means being intentional about where you get your food and drink during the week. Grab a coffee to-go from a downtown café rather than the corporate drive-thru, or treat yourself to a craft caffeine fix a few times a week rather than the same old drip coffee at home. Takeout and Curbside options are plentiful at downtown restaurants, and many are offering affordable family-style takeout meals so you can take a break from the kitchen. 
  3. Share local businesses with your friends. Word of mouth and trusted recommendations continue to be the best advertising, so share the small businesses that you love with your friends! Tag and share on social media, send them a photo with a new purchase that you love, drop off some food or drink or cheer on their doorstep. Help spread the Longmont Love for our businesses, and keep Downtown #Strongmont.