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Presenter Bios

Alicia Beeson
Creative Director, XSEED Design; Flower Farmer, Wispy Blooms; Alicia Beeson Interiors, Stylist

Meet Alicia Beeson, a maestro of creativity seamlessly navigating through various artistic realms. Holding the title of Creative Director at XSEED Design, Alicia's expertise lies in the enchanting domains of graphic design, motion graphics, and video editing – a true virtuoso captivating the visual communications landscape.

But that's not the end of her story. Venture into the idyllic landscapes of Wispy Blooms, where Alicia transforms into flower farmer extraordinaire. Cultivating seasonal blooms with an artisanal touch, she weaves floral arrangements together that evoke pure inspiration.

As the allure of interiors beckons, Alicia is gracefully embracing the world of interior design, offering a unique perspective to homes and offices. With an innate ability to infuse beauty into spaces, she's a guiding light for those exploring the intersection of space and design.

In the vibrant tapestry of the Longmont community, Alicia shines not just for her professional brilliance but for her authentic spirit, generosity, and the passion to spread beauty. To all fellow creatives, Alicia Beeson is more than a name – she's an embodiment of artistic exploration and community enrichment. Join her in the journey of boundless creativity and inspiration.

Genevieve Clayton, Reach Solutions, INC.

Genevieve Clayton has long been fascinated with understanding the dynamics of markets and business consumer trends. To satisfy this fascination, Genevieve co-founded a boutique research and analysis firm in 2015, Reach Solutions Inc., with her partner in both business and life, Evan Ritson. Genevieve’s unique research approach brings forth the voice of the customer and combines it with secondary research to provide actionable business intelligence. Her distinctive insights help companies understand a market space and guide the decision-making process. Throughout her career, Genevieve has worked with Fortune 500 companies and large associations spanning a diverse set of industries, such as: Robotics and Automation, Cannabis and CBD, Packaging and Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Water and Soil Remediation, and Municipal Utilities to name a few. Genevieve graduated summa cum laude from the University of Northern Colorado in 2021 with her Bachelor of Science in Marketing. To give back to the next generation of entrepreneurs, Genevieve partners with community organizations to teach the importance of market research at all stages of a business’s growth.

Christy Costello

Christy currently serves as deputy director of Colorado Creative Industries (CCI), Colorado’s state arts agency within the Office of Economic Development and International Trade. In her role at CCI, she manages the Creative District program. Her work is centered on economic and community development through arts and creative placemaking. Christy is an alumnus of the CCI Change Leader program, serves on the Colorado Business Committee for the Arts (CBCA) Leadership Arts Alumni network committee, the Colorado Main Street advisory board, Scenic Byways Commission and the Colorado Tourism Office Destination Development committee. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Art History from Colorado State University and a master’s degree in Arts Management from University of Denver. Outside of the office, Christy enjoys live music, hiking, paddleboarding, cooking and is a mom of one son.

Fred Diehl

Artist Statement
The inspiration behind my work is to create art that generates a more meditative atmosphere for private and public spaces. And humor – humor is often my inspiration too! Influenced by a modern industrial aesthetic, my abstract works involve creating a raw and “unfinished” piece that during the creative process feels like it could have been removed from an abandoned concrete and steel factory built during the turn of the Century.  

When creating one of my abstract landscapes, I start with color. Depth, form and texture will follow, but color comes first. I typically apply multiple heavy layers of paint and other media on canvas. I then use trowels, orbital sanders and just about any implement available to remove much of what has been laid down. Along the way the piece takes over. And if everything works right - order and chaos should be juxtaposed in a pleasing environment. Ultimately each work stands on its own.

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, I am the youngest of eight children. My work is often influenced by the artistic achievements of my father (Gerald Diehl ) and grandfather (George F. Diehl) who were both architects (Diehl & Diehl Architects) as well as my great great grandfather Charles P. Friederichs who was the founder of Detroit Stained Glass Works (circa 1860).   I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre) from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. I now create from my home/studio in Longmont, Colorado that I share with my husband Guy and our cat Nikka. I launched my business and online store Fred Diehl Creative in 2020.

Antonio Lopez

is a quiet man with something to say. His music is like an onion, each layer revealing more. His

adept guitar work and composition skills are never used in a showy way but rather like the spices in a home-cooked meal. The result is a feast of emotions that delight the listener.

“Here We Are,the new album by Antonio Lopez, explores the intimate connection between our hopes, dreams, and fears. “Here We Are” is an alluring collection of songs written by an artist wrestling with his ego as he chases success and slow dances with failure. Through the lens of his indigenous Chicano roots, Lopez speaks many truths with gentle precision. Rather than tell the listener what to feel or think, Lopez invites you to see yourself reflected in the lyrical stories created by his music. His new album Here We Are is available now for streaming on all major platforms and can be purchased on CD and vinyl through

Antonio Lopez is a Colorado native of indigenous descent. Born and raised in Alamosa and now residing in Longmont, he grew up steeped in the Chicanx culture of southern Colorado.

Chris McGilvray

Chris is the academic dean for the School of Manufacturing, Automotive, Construction Technologies at

Front Range Community College where he focuses on leading Career Technical Education programming and teams to achieve innovative ways to better serve adult learners. He has over 20 years of retail and manufacturing industry experience, is a small business owner, community leader and higher education advocate. He has a doctorate degree in management with an emphasis in organizational leadership and change and a Master of Arts in business management. He wrote his dissertation studying the relationship among perceived and actual competencies performed of entrepreneurs of brick-and-mortar store locations.

Dolly Rosenbrook

Dolly is chair for Business for Creative Industries and faculty of Multimedia Graphic Design (MGD) at Front

Range Community College (FRCC). Her focus is on building equitable opportunities for higher education degree attainment. She has over 15 years of online teaching experience for graphic communication arts and digital media at various institutions, including the University of Maryland Global Campus. She is dedicated to serving career and technical education students through leadership for adult learning and online curriculum design.

Maren Waldman Dance & Healing Arts

Maren Waldman is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, bodyworker, entrepreneur, and community

organizer. She facilitates multi-disciplinary, intergenerational dance and environmental arts projects in collaboration with community groups, municipal sectors, scientists, and artists. Maren earned her MFA in Dance Performance and Choreography from CU Boulder, holds a BA in cultural Anthropology from Haverford College, is a licensed massage therapist and has a certificate in Permaculture Design. Over the past decade, her research has focused on two ongoing environmental arts projects: Global Water Dances and Postcards to the Earth. She most recently founded and directed the Stories from the St Vrain Project. She has offered dance classes, private lessons, and healing arts to her communities since 2007 and led the Front Range Community College dance program in Colorado for 5 years. Maren’s mission is to contribute to a future where care for Body and stewardship of Earth weave together to generate healing change.

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