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Artists Beautify Fence in Downtown


            If you’ve called Longmont home for awhile, you may remember the gas station that used to be on the corner of 6th and Main St. For the last several years the lot has been empty, but instead of accepting the vacancy as a new part of Downtown, artist Cynthia Barnes saw the opportunity to show off Longmont’s local talent. Cynthia is a longstanding member of Longmont’s arts community, and her skill and creativity have been helping to shape Downtown Longmont for years.      


               On the morning of Saturday, June 19th, artists each took a panel of the fence facing Main St. and wove fabric into the chain link. Fabric was a relatively new medium for everyone involved, and it proved to be an interesting and fun challenge. The project began at 8 a.m., and after some rain that sent everyone running for Pumphouse Brewery across the street, work on the fence wrapped up in the afternoon. It was a full day of creativity and community.


               The artists were all Longmont locals and were commissioned by Cynthia. They are Brandy Coons, Diana Zimmerman, Gili Wolf, Grace Gutierrez, Lisa Mastropietro Evans, Lisett Smith, and Sadye Jones. Click here to view each design.


               The project was made possible by a grant the Longmont Downtown Development Authority & Longmont Creative District received from Colorado Creative Industries and the National Endowment for the Arts. Each artist received a stipend for their time and skill. The Longmont Creative District is built on working together to bring projects like this to life, to support the creative industry that thrives in Longmont, and to further develop the creative community that is already here. Thank you to Colorado Creative Industries for the support in this effort.


               Additionally, the lot enclosed by the fence is being rented by Pinkard Construction as they continue work on the Spoke on Coffman mixed use affordable housing unit, and we would like to extend a special thank you to them for allowing us to decorate the fence.