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With schools being such an important part of our community, it is a pleasure to announce Crackpots' month-long special!

What is Crackpots?  Crackpots is a ceramic art studio open to anyone, of all ages!  You can choose from a plethora of ceramic projects to add to, you have access to all of their tools and resources, and you get to finish and fire your project that day! 

So what is the month long deal? Crackpots is giving 10% back to schools for the month of September.  All K-12 schools are eligible, as long as they are in a 15-mile radius of Crackpots.  All you have to do is give them the name of your school at the time of purchase.  

All in-studio activities and take home painting kits are eligible.

At the end of the month, Crackpots will tally up all of the donations and send checks to the participating schools.  Whichever school raises the most money will be awarded with a $50 gift certificate!  And if you have any questions, you can always stop by, shoot them an email ( or give them a call! 

So why are they doing this?  Simply for the love of the community and the fulfillment that comes with giving back.  We really love to see things like this in our district, as it is evidence that the people of Longmont really do care for each other and have created a network of connections between our subcommunities, businesses, and  organizations.  Thank you, Crackpots!