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August is Education Month

Whether you are a student, have a student, or never want to go back to school again – it is hard not to think Back to School when we hit August. Here in Longmont, we are so lucky to have St. Vrain Valley School District (SVVSD), an amazing public school system that is a leader in advancing academic excellence both in our community and in the nation.

In Downtown, we foster collaborations whenever we can with the talented students and staff at SVVSD. This month, we will start to release a series of videos created by St. Vrain Innovation Center students. Featuring Downtown – Everyone’s Neighborhood, the videos capture the heart, spirit, and teamwork of our locally owned business community. Everyone is welcome in the downtown neighborhood and your new favorite business is waiting for you.

Speaking of SVVSD, Longmont High School is launching TrojanTech, a new PTECH program that matches emerging business leaders with mentors in our community. Those students will earn an associate degree from Front Range Community College (our other great educational community partners) when they are done.

Here in the Downtown Neighborhood, we think everyone should be lifelong learners! And we are just the place to find an exciting workshop, learn a new hobby, try your hand at something creative or read up on your own (did you know we have 3 bookstores and an amazing library?). Check out our calendar and learn something new today!