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Wherever you go, there you are

Hello fellow humans,

I'm Lindsey, 22... here to contribute to the healing of the world in the humble ways I can.

Life is a creative process.. I am making it up as I go!

After graduating with a social work degree from a special little place called SUNY Fredonia and being four years deep into therapy and shadow work, I entered a metamorphosis of true self actualization and started shedding old patterns, relationships, traumas, and the stories I was telling myself about who I was and what had happened to me in the past. It was until I truly felt it in my body that I was none of those things... not my thoughts, not what has happened to me, not my experiences, not even my interests... I was no longer bound to these stories and boxes I had kept myself in.  I came to Colorado with a clean slate - my Being, a blank canvas that life could flow through in the most sincere and beautiful way. 

To make space in my life for this new adventure, I had to let go of everything that I could not take with me.  I let go of someone I love very deeply.   I let go of societal standards to get a job right after graduation.  I let go of the comfort that my family and my hometown gave me.  I let go of every identity that my ego has ever acquired.  I came here to be of service, and to dedicate myself to the greater good.  When you are creating and manifesting a fulfilling life for yourself, it is 10x more powerful when this comes from a place of serving the collective.  It ties you to the Oneness that is humanity.  It is my intention to serve as a reminder of that in everything that I do.

I am beyond grateful to be welcomed into this special community that is Downtown Longmont. One week into serving as an Americorps Vista with the LDDA / Creative District, my eyes have been opened to the value of community and supporting each other's creative endeavors... anything of the hand or the mind.  We as individuals are incredibly powerful, and it is when we are unaware of this power that it can become destructive or dangerous. Having a community that will continually support you in all you do serves as a reminder that you DO hold the magic wand. 

Stop waiting for the perfect moment and BE THE MOMENT NOW.

We must be present with one another, listen to really listen.  Not just think about what we will say in response.  We must be aware that every encounter we have is of value, every one of us is part of the whole, every idea is part of our creative vortex, every human being is of tremendous importance.  That is true compassion, true humility. This is the internal space in which we can open our hearts and be of service.  This is the external space in which communities thrive.