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Astrologer at Crystal Joys

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Astrology brings wisdom. Get a Birth Chart Reading for Greater Understanding & Clarity in Longmont, CO.

Astrology is a 9,000 year old science, sister to astronomy and long used as a tool to understand and navigate through life. Natal chart or birth chart readings provide a view into your life and your self-ness in a way that nurtures understanding and compassion. In the same way therapy is a useful tool in confronting and moving through emotional challenges, accurate astrology readings can be used as tools for accepting parts of ourselves that are challenging and embracing parts that allow us to grow and uplevel. This is more than a horoscope, predictions aren’t useful without a knowledge of the key ingredients that make up your personality and purpose.

Your own inner wisdom is the greatest wisdom on Earth and with astrology you can connect to the real you and learn to trust what comes from within, what voices to listen to and which ones to ignore. Healings with energy crystals are also a reliable way to increase energy, decrease sadness and stress, and allow access to your Higher Self.

About me: I'm Holli Weatherington, an astrologer, writer and energy guide. I am a graduate of the Debra Silverman Applied Astrology School, an Initiate of the Modern Mystery School and I have a BA in Journalism from the University of Memphis. Every person who is alive has a fascinating life story and I revel in learning from everyone I meet. We all have value and it's my goal to utilize the tools of Astrology to assist people in their journey of life by helping them pinpoint what is working and what is not. Through the wisdom of your chart and your own desires, I will help you map out a course toward the best possible outcome.

My approach is to assess timing, character and aspects to give you practical advice, permission slips and tools to become proactive in your own personal advancement. Nothing is wrong with you or anyone else! We are all the same in the sense of Oneness, but we come in different packages, with different recipes and configurations. What flavors your life and purpose is not the same for another person.

Together we’ll look at the elemental makeup and signatures in your chart that make you unique. Through this knowledge about yourself you can gain insight as to what makes you tick, how to manage your triggers, how to release subconscious emotions in a healthy way and to get ever closer to Knowing Yourself.