Opening "Vibrant Femmes: Suspended Devotions"


  • Friday, May 10, 2019 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

LOCATION: Firehouse Art Center - 667 4th Ave

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Vibrant Femmes: Suspended Devotions

Curatorial Statement:
Vibrant Femmes: Suspended Devotions considers the work of 8 contemporary female artists working in ceramics and paper. Asked to contemplate and create their own unique interpretations of representational devotional forms, all the work was consciously to forms that could be hung on a wall. Each artist has created their own constellation of objects centered on the theme of reverential representation. Chosen for their variety of styles and subject matter, these 8 artists have created work that pushes the traditional boundaries of ceramics and paper into dynamic narrative and meditative installations, work that is as meditative in the making as it is in the viewing.

Featuring the work of Joy Alice Eisenhauer, Margaret Kenway Haydon, Diane Martonis, Stephanie Lange, Margaret Josey-Parker, Rita Vali and Cat Velasquez.

Joy Alice Eisenhauer Diane Martonis Stephanie Lange Margaret Josey-Parker Rita Vali Ceramics

VIBRANT FEMMES is an initiative begun in 2016 by curator Kecia Benvenuto established to promote and evangelize the practice of female and non-binary contemporary artists. Its mission is to elevate public recognition of the work of contemporary artists and creatives; to create community and actively engage in conversation around what it means to be a female / non-binary artist and human in the 21st Century.

Curator: Kecia Benvenuto is an independent curator and founder of Vibrant Femmes. She has spent the last two decades working with artists in the commercial and contemporary art spheres, helping to bridge and expand upon the conversation between creativity and current cultural movements, explicit or implicit. Her goal is to help contemporary emerging artists establish a sustainable and evolving practice while creating communities and experiences around the creative process to engage the public on a transformational level.

Most recently she worked for Facebook Creative Labs as sole Curator for Facebook Paper's Creators Feed (2013 - 2015) and as Gallery Director and Director of Visual Arts Programming at madelife Gallery in Boulder, CO (2016 - 2019). Additionally she is on the Board of the DAM Contemporary Alliance and serves as co-chair for SheSays Boulder. Kecia has lived and worked in the US, Italy, Japan and the Netherlands.