Current LDDA Board Members

See Board Agendas & Minutes

Joseph L. Perrotto, Interim Board Chair
(303) 652-8868
Term Expires: 06/30/2023
Chris McGilvray
Vice Chair
(303) 678-7084
Term Expires: 06/30/2023
John Creighton
At Large
(303) 776-2265
Term expires: 06/30/2021
Marcia Martin
City Council Designee
(303) 774-3617
Kirsten Pellicer
(303) 776-5173 ext. 107
Term expires: 06/30/2021
James Wardell
(303) 246-0843
Term Expires: 06/30/2022
Ex-Officio Member:
Jim Golden, Finance Director
City of Longmont
(303) 651-8629


Wes Parker
(303) 772-6467
Term Expires: 06/30/2022





Following state statute guidelines, a board member must be a property owner, resident or a business owner (or a designee of an owner) within the LDDA boundaries. See map for LDDA district outline.

For information about the duties and responsibilities of the City of Longmont boards and commissions or how to apply for a position on a board or commission, please contact the City Clerk’s office at (303) 651-8649 or access the City’s Web Site at