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Parking is FREE Downtown!

Time-limited parking: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

No time limit: Saturday, Sunday and Holidays - See Citywide Calendar for holidays  


For additional parking needs:

Day Passes - $5 each for extended lot parking during time-limited days. Passes are sold at the LDDA.

Long term (6 mos) parking permits - for businesses, employees and residents available for purchase at the LDDA. 
Parking Permit SOP
[Customer Parking Permit Form - for new permits, permit/vehicle changes and additions]

[Click here for permit availability and rates as of Jan 2020. Method of payment accepted are cash, Visa, MC or Company check, payable to the LDDA. For more information, call 303-651-8484.]

What to do if you get a parking ticket:

All issues relating to citations should be addressed to the Parking Enforcement Office, 303-651-8658, at the City of Longmont. 

Electric Charging Stations:

In partnership with Longmont Power & Communications and the Regional Air Quality District, free publicly available electric vehicle charging station are located in the following locations in Downtown. View a map of all Downtown locations

Learn more about how to use the charging stations and find other locations in Longmont at