Longmont is Colorado's First GIG City! A Plus For Your Business! 

10 Reasons Your Business Needs NextLight

1. We grow with your business
Whatever your needs, we’ve got a NextLight service to fit you—and because your subscription is month-to-month with no contract, when those needs change, so can your connection. So whether you're a startup with a 25 megabit service who's thinking about expanding to 50, or a gigabit-level enterprise who now needs an even larger custom solution, we've got you covered.

2. You’re ahead of the game, right from the start
Time and again, our business customers rave about how NextLight gave them a better speed for the same price as their old service … or, when savings are the goal, a better price for the same speed. It’s a quick reminder that having one of the best connections in the U.S. pays off quickly.

3. “Buffering” is not a member of your videoconference
Everyone’s got important data to send across the Internet and most upload speeds can’t keep up. With NextLight, you have the option to get symmetrical service – uploads and downloads at the same velocity. That means an express lane for your video calls, your technical drawings, and your plans for Employee Appreciation Gaming Night.

4. Consistency you can build a business on
A successful company needs certainty – in its vision, in its execution, and today, in its Internet connection. Our NextLight fiber network gives that assurance, designed to “five nines,” or 99.999% reliability. Our fiber-optic line may be thin as a hair …but it’s also solid as a rock.

5. Working at your best doesn't always happen at the office
Telecommuting has become a way of life for many businesses … but an employee working from home is often at the mercy of a slow, chancy residential Internet connection. But in Longmont, residents can have a NextLight gigabit fiber connection to their homes; our residential Charter Member deal is just $49.95 a month. So whether your workforce is down the hall or across town, your productivity will be as strong as ever.

6. We’ve got your future on the line
High-speed data’s great – OK, it’s fantastic – but some things still need a phone call. For that, we’ve got Digital Voice. Our fiber-optic phone service gives you the quality and options you need to keep up with the business world, along with the reliability and clarity that continue to make fiber the gold standard for telephone communications.

7. We’ve got your tech support right here
You're here in Longmont to succeed, and we’re here to help you do that. NextLight is provided by Longmont Power & Communications (LPC), your community-owned electric utility, so when you need us, you don’t have to call a nameless office somewhere across the continent or around the globe. We’re your neighbor, and we’ll make things right.

8. We’re already making you brilliant
LPC has been lighting up Longmont since 1912 with electrical service that is routinely among the least expensive and most reliable in Colorado. We’ve held NextLight to the same standard since its 2014 launch, so that both our power and our internet are magnets for city businesses.  

9. You are the owner
Because we’re a municipal utility, NextLight is your cutting-edge broadband service, owned by you. That means that you’re more than a customer – your company is our priority.

10. It’s your chance to be on the leading edge
As we roll out NextLight throughout the city, Longmont businesses can seize an unbeatable advantage. Broadband internet has become the next vital utility, so why not choose the best? Just make one connection and your customers and competition can see your business transform at … well, at the speed of NextLight.

For more information, visit the NextLight page