Downtown Longmont is excited to be the focus of the below transportation improvements initiatives.

1st & Emery Intersection 

The 1st Ave. and Emery St. Intersection Improvements project includes intersection improvements, new traffic signal installation and rail crossing improvements at 1st Avenue and Emery Street. The roadway improvement portions of the project will be completed by the City of Longmont. Railroad improvements will be completed by BNSF. Read more

Coffman St. Corridor Project

As part of the City’s Envision Longmont Plan and the utilization of recently awarded grant funding, the City will begin construction on an Enhanced Multi-Use Corridor in 2023. The project will focus on Coffman Street between 1st and 9th Avenue and is expected to open to the public at the same time Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) starts between Longmont and Boulder. View flyer. Read more

For more information, please contact Phil Greenwald, Transportation Planning Manager for the City of Longmont, by email or call (303) 651-8335. 

1st & Main Station Transit Revitalization Plan

In 2012, the City completed a master plan and revitalization study for the 1st & Main Station project near the site of the old flour mill near 1st Avenue and Main Street.

The study examined both short-term and long-range development potential for the site (well in advance of actual rail station construction) and included preparation of transit-oriented development concept plans and market analyses for the area. The plan also examined multi-modal connections to the site, including development of potential alternative bus service options for the City to better serve the site and surrounding areas. At the end of this process, this are was rezoned February 1, 2013, to Mixed Use (103 acres) and Public (2 acres). Read more.