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Downtown Sign Design Standards

Downtown Sign Design Standards were developed and reviewed in 2014 through a committee of LDDA and City staff, business and property owners in the downtown, architects, and members of the Downtown Placemaking Committee. The standards focus primarily on sign design features to enhance the visual environment of the downtown, create a sense of interest and activity through creative signs, and promote economic vitality and enhance property values. As part of the City of Longmont Land Development Code Update, the Downtown sign design standards were updated in August 2018. 

Where Do You Start?

If you are a business located in the Downtown District and would like to install a new sign or update your current sign, please read our easy Downtown Design Standards TIPS to help you get started! You can also call the LDDA office at (303) 651-8484. All Downtown sign designs must be reviewed and approved by the LDDA prior to applying for a City Sign Permit. 

Signage Incentive Grants

With the creation of Downtown sign design standards, the LDDA has allocated up to $100,000 in signage incentive funds available for downtown businesses to install new signs or convert nonconforming signs to comply with the new design standards. 

Important Information

City Sign Permit Application
City Sign Code

Specific Questions about City Sign Code can be answered by the City of Longmont Department of Planning or by calling 303-651-8330.