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Longmont Creates' Popup Grant!

Longmont Creates Pop-Up Grants are designed to bring new and exciting programs, events, and projects into the Creative District with unexpected activations that encourage creative/artist collaborations. 


  • Eligible activities must be located within the Longmont Creative District boundaries.
  • Any funded activities, events or installations must be new.
  • Marketing efforts clearly defined and examples provided with final report.
  • Must be a member of Longmont Creates, if you aren’t currently a member your membership fee will be deducted from your grant.
  • Bring a diverse group of people into the Longmont Creative District.
  • Enhance the community with arts, culture, education or other engaging activities.
  • Utilize public, outdoor, or highly visible spaces
  • Provide creative, cultural, or unique experiences
  • Enhance marketing efforts for downtown and the creative district
  • One grant per individual or Organization (we never talked about orgs vs individual)
  • Can not occur during a major downtown event (i.e. ArtWalk, Creative Crawl, Concerts, etc.) except if it is kicked off or completed at an event with the majority of the project happening outside event day.

Stronger applications would include the following:

  • Prefer inclusive, free, unexpected activations that encourage artist/creative collaborations
  • Encourage partnerships between creatives in the community
  • Pay other creatives
  • Activating underutilized spaces in the Longmont Creative District

Interested?? Fill out the interest form.