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Longmont Creative District Plan

In 2017, when the Longmont Downtown Development Authority updated its Master Plan of Development, it designated a section to the Creative District.  This took and integrated elements of the 2011 Longmont Arts & Entertainment District Plan.  The complete plan can be found here.

The Longmont Creative District Advisory Committee currently oversees the Longmont Creative District.  

Current Members include: 
    Jessica Carson, musician / Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce
    Joyanna Gittings, artist / Old Town Marketplace 
    Sabrina Ehlert, artist / Old Town Marketplace
    Tim Gulsrud, Soundpost Acoustics and Soundpost Sessions
    Tomas Perez, Art Spot / Old Town Marketplace
    Matthew Spencer, Inner Court Creatives
    Sean Gaffner, The Roost, Jefes, Smokin’ Bowls
    Jessica Shaw, Baker, La Vita Bella
    Cynthia Barnes, Inspiration Art Academy
    Elaine Waterman, Firehouse Art Center

    Emelie Torres, Program Coordinator, LDDA
    Mersadi McClure, Creative District Coordinator
    Kimberlee McKee, Executive Director, LDDA
    Colin Argys, Marketing & Events Coordinator, LDDA
Other working committees, assisting in management of the District include:

  • Retail Committee: This group works to get more businesses involved in 2nd Friday celebrations, including pop up art opportunities, joint promotions, etc.
  • Downtown Street Team: This experienced-based group focuses on blog and social media posts that highlight different aspects of the Creative District. 
  • Mobile Block Party Team: This group provides curated tours to local neighborhood group associations during 2nd Fridays in the Creative District.
  • Downtown Block Captains: This group has a representative from different blocks within the District that meet monthly to discuss issues including clean/safe, placemaking, marketing, events, development and connectivity.

The Longmont Creative District is an important part of the community.  In the next few years, it will continue to work on sustainability efforts that are outlined in the Updated Sustainability Plan.


Longmont Creative District Strategic Report & Action Plan

In the summer of 2010, the Longmont Downtown Development Authority (LDDA) initiated a visioning process to create an Arts and Entertainment District in downtown Longmont. The process began by identifying key stakeholders who would serve as Steering Committee members to guide the process. A series of interviews and meetings evoked numerous ideas and imaginative solutions. Top goals, priorities, places and organizations were identified for the successful development of an Arts and Entertainment District. Based on this effort, a Strategic Report and Action Program was prepared to guide implementation strategies. This effort was led by consultants Dana Crawford of Urban Neighborhoods, Inc. and Jennifer Vecchi of Vecchi & Associates.

The Strategic Report & Action Plan was adopted by the Steering Committee in the spring of 2011. It was accepted by the Longmont Downtown Development Authority as a guidance document and was endorsed by the Longmont City Council. A committee structure was formed, including retail, events, programs, marketing, ideas, placemaking and financial development. Anyone interested in getting involved can e-mail us at

Strategic Report & Action Plan

Strategic Report & Action Plan Appendix 6 and 7

Strategic Report & Action Plan Appendix 8 and Acknowledgements