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Central Presbyterian Church

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402 Kimbark St
Longmont, CO 80501
(303) 776-6833

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Transforming Church
We love the church.  We honor our traditions.  At the same time, we’re being called to new ways of being a community of faith.  A community mindful of our history in Longmont and our connection to the Presbyterian Church (USA), yet committed to a way of being the heart and hands of Christ that emphasizes Kingdom work over church work. 
Transforming Lives
We love the promise of the Gospel: transformation—broken people made new by the love of Jesus Christ.  Transformation not just for us as individuals but, through how we live to be a blessing where we live.  We’re not finished yet.  We don’t have this all figured out.  It’s a transformation we’ll spend the rest of our lives living into.  But we can see and feel a difference.  Everyday. 
Transforming Community
We love Longmont.  And we try to live like it.  It’s called incarnational, and it just means that we do all we can to live as we think Jesus would have us live.  Compassion is important to us.  And mercy.  Reaching out and coming alongside.  Helping.  Showing those with whom we share this community that being a follower of Christ means first and foremost caring for people whether they ever set foot in our church or not.

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