Release Date: December 18, 2015

2015 World Championships of Tap Trained by Dance Dimensions!

Kyle Van Newkirk: Adult Male Soloist World Champion

Each round is judged by seven judges. Kyle had three rounds with perfect scores. This has never happened in the history of the World Competition. 

The World Competition began in 1991 in Germany and has made its home in Riesa for the last 20 years. The USA has not had a male champion since 1996 when Mike Minery won the title. Kyle was born the year Mike won the title.

This year there were over 1600 tap dancers from 18 countries. The competition began on December 1-5, 2015. The final day is for the adult finalist where the arena sells out all tickets. The judges eliminate contestants until there are only 6 left in each division.

The individuals that are picked to go to World Competition go through auditions and each country is limited as to how many dancers they can bring. It is difficult to be chosen to be a dancer as there are many tap dancers that want to be part of this amazing experience. 

Kyle is 19 and from Morrill, NE. He spent 9 years traveling to Longmont, CO (3 1/2 hrs. one way) learning to tap with Dance Dimensions, Tiffany Leise Taskey and the amazing staff!! Kyle attended many competitions and conventions with Dance Dimensions. When Kyle was 5 he saw the Lord of the Dance and wanted to learn to dance like Michael Flattley.