Release Date: July 9, 2019

Downtown DQ is 70 years old!


Downtown Dairy Queen Celebrates 70 years in Longmont

It’s one of the more familiar sites around downtown Longmont: the white, barn-shaped shopfront with the familiar red-and-white logo proudly proclaiming ice cream sovereignty – Dairy Queen. Since 1949, the original DQ in town (616 Main Street) has been serving up soft serve and other frozen treats to the delight of thousands.

Julie Stockert, owner of all the Longmont stores (as well as the Lafayette and Erie DQs), talks about what’s in store for the platinum anniversary, and more.

The original location is celebrating 70 years in Longmont. How long has it been in your family?

Julie: Right. The original contract was written in 1948 with the store opening in 1949. Our family has had it since 1977 or 1978.

So ice cream has been a part of your life for a long time. Do you have a favorite item from the menu?

Julie: Oh my gosh. There’s so many! I’m a fan of the Blizzard. They’ve been around since 1984 and they are our number 1 selling product. They come in so many flavors that there’s one for every taste. I’m a big fan – Reese’s Peanut Butter cup. And the old favorite of the chocolate dipped cone, of course.

What does being in Longmont mean to you and your store?

Julie: I’d say my favorite aspect of our store is that we still see a lot of the kids that we’ve employed over the years as they’ve grown into adulthood and made lives here and started families here and they come back. We sometimes hear “My mom worked here” or “My dad worked here” or even “My parents met working here.” And in some cases we’re hiring their kids to work for us. That’s pretty cool.

What are you doing to commemorate this landmark anniversary?

Julie: The actual anniversary is on July 27th, which happens to be cruise night in Longmont. We will have festivities going on then. We’re hoping to have a few ColoRODan cars on display. We’ll have live music from 7 to 9 p.m. from Stony Lonesome (an 80s cover band) and events for kids. We’ll have a few giveaways and special prizes.

And we’ll have special product pricing as well, including 70 cent ice cream cones and buy-one-get-one Blizzards. And two dollar banana splits as well! We’ll close the drive-through that night and have the parking lot open for those events.

If people want to know more about the specifics of the anniversary, where can they find them?

Julie: Our Facebook page (Downtown Longmont Dairy Queen) for our local location will have all the details and schedule of events.