Release Date: October 30, 2019

Longmont Downtown Insider: Street Team member Mersadi's take on Ziggi's Coffee new Cold Brew

Let me start this off by just expressing how much I love iced coffee. If you see me out and about before noon, odds are I have a cup of iced coffee somewhere close to my proximity. If not, something probably went wrong that morning and I am more than likely on my way to go get some. From summer to winter, iced is my preferred way to consume coffee. When Ziggi's Coffee in Downtown Longmont asked me to share my opinion on their brand new Cold Brew, I was thrilled that, finally, I could share my perspective on coffee with the world. 

Ziggi's Coffee has been in the coffee business since 2004 and has expanded across the U.S since establishing their original location in Downtown Longmont on the corner of 4th & Main St. The cozy but bustling cafe is decorated with local art, the comforting aroma of brewing hot coffee, and the whistle from steaming milk for lattes. In other words, it's perhaps the best place to try out their new cold brew!


With 15 years of experience behind them, Ziggi's newest foray into the territory of cold brew is a calculated move. Sourcing their coffee from Monserrate located in the Huila region of Colombia just outside of La Plata, Ziggi’s coffee roaster Coda Coffee has worked with the Colombian government over the past several years to shift this region's agricultural economy from growing coca & poppy seeds for drug production, to growing some of the finest coffee beans in the world, which in turn makes some of the best cold brew!

But what is Cold Brew exactly? While typical iced coffee is brewed hot and then cooled, cold brew is achieved by letting coffee grounds sit in water for a long period, often overnight, to produce a deep and complex flavor profile. Many people often find that cold brew is also less bitter and acidic than brewed iced coffee. Although I enjoy iced coffee of all varieties, I often find that cold brew best expresses the more nuanced flavors found within different kinds of coffee, especially if you enjoy your coffee black as I do. 

Ziggi's has some suggestions on how to try out their new cold brew, such as Gold Rush, in which caramel is expertly pair with half & half and topped with sparkly gold flakes. It makes for a really pretty pictures and an equally tasty drink. In my perspective, the best thing about coffee is that the ways to enjoy it are endless, so feel free to customize your cold brew to your liking or try something new, who knows, it may be your new favorite! 

And finally, what I do I think about Ziggi's new cold brew? I personally love dark and very bold coffee, and Ziggi's cold brew served black delivers the deep flavors I am a huge fan of. It's refreshing, energizing, and complex. You can call me a fan and I will definitely be back for more!