Release Date: April 14, 2020

Downtown #Strongmont Business of the Day - Longmont Yarn Shoppe

Downtown #Strongmont Business of the Day
Longmont Yarn Shoppe - 454 Main St. 

Q & A with Gail Sunberg-Douse, Owner of Longmont Yarn Shoppe

Q: Why and how have you made Downtown Longmont your own home base?

A: This is the place I grew up. I came downtown for clothes, for my Easter gloves and hat. I came with my father to the hardware store for tools and nails. This building is where I would come when I was a kid for candy and treats, pre-Target days. I have fond memories of the coolest craft place where Crackpots is; I would spend the whole day on Saturday making jewelry and crafts.

Q: How can customers make Longmont Yarn Shoppe their own favorite place, and what is special about your LYS community?

A: We truly grow with one another. In the past, we've had an area devoted to showcasing customers’ finished products, shared on loan. We have a beautiful quilt I treasure that a customer made highlighting the different services we offer. I’ve had customers take classes and then become instructors who offer their unique gifts. This store is above all about the people who come in here, sharing their amazing gifts, staff and customers alike. I am the lucky person who gets to hold the space. I serve our tribe. At this shop, we want people to know that anything they want to make with yarn, wool, or fiber is totally within their reach if they’re willing to give it a try. Everybody helps everybody here.

You can support Longmont Yarn Shoppe via their Online Store, Zoom Classes, purchasing Gift Cards, and more. Tons of information is available on their website,

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