Release Date: May 11, 2020

Downtown #Strongmont Business of the Day: Simply Bulk

Downtown #Strongmont Business of the Day


Simply Bulk Market - 418 Main St.

Simply Bulk Market, Colorado’s premiere zero waste and bulk store, opened in Downtown Longmont in May 2010. Bins and barrels greet customers as they walk in the door. They offer 1,000 different bulk items including 100 jars of spices.The have a baking section and a variety of beans and rices, plus cereals, nuts, trail mix, all-natural treats and so much more! A pet section plus toiletries and cleaning supplies line the back of the store. Bulk bars of soap wait for a buyer to cut off as much as he or she needs. Large containers of liquid soaps, skin-care products, shampoo, detergent and cleaners allow customers to buy only what they need. Containers are sold in the store or customers can bring their own. About 40 percent of their stock is organic, and the remainder is all-natural. Their doors are open so gather some goods for yourself and follow them on Facebook and Instagram!


Q & A with Devin and Heidi Quince, Owners

Q: Why you did you decide to open in Downtown Longmont?

A: We discovered the store when the former owner was running it and made it our favorite place to shop, so that really lies with him. When he decided to retire, we wanted the store to continue, so we bought the store!

Q: How can your customers make Simply Bulk Market their own favorite place, and how can they take ownership of supporting you during this time? 

A: Stop in and see how many different items you can buy without packaging and often for a lower price than traditional stores. We have over 1000 items that can be refilled at our store!

Want to read more about Simply Bulk Market? Check out our Street Team Member Grace Gutierrez's blog post from November! 


During the Stay at Home order, we'll be featuring a different Downtown Longmont business each day. These small businesses are the heartbeat of our community and are a big reason why this is such a great place to live, work, and play. This is a difficult time for everyone, and small businesses and their owners and employees are no exception.

There are many ways you can support our local small businesses during this time, from liking, following, and sharing their content on social media, to making online or over-the-phone purchases of products or gift cards. You can also donate to the Strongmont Fund, created to support local Longmont businesses negatively affected by COVID-19.