Release Date: May 7, 2020

Downtown #Strongmont Business of the Day: Summit Tacos

Downtown #Strongmont Business of the Day - Summit Tacos - 237 Collyer St.

Summit Tacos proudly serves authentic Mexican food and they love to share their passion for their food and culture. Starting as a food truck in Longmont in 2017, they decided to take up a more permanent location in Downtown Longmont in 2019. They simply love tacos and the customers have followed! Follow them on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram or visit their website to help support them during this time!

Q & A with Alejandro Rodriguez, Owner

Q: Why you decided to open in Downtown Longmont.

A: Downtown Longmont is so vibrant and full of great businesses! The community has been very supportive since we started our food truck in 2017 going to several breweries here in Longmont, so it just made sense to us to make downtown longmont the home for Summit Tacos.

Q: How can your customers make Summit Tacos their own favorite place, and how can they take ownership of supporting you during this time? 

A: Our customers should know that that we will always share our heritage and passion for food through every dish that we serve. All of our food is homemade and dear to our hearts and upbringing. Our customers can take ownership by knowing that Summit Tacos has been a community project from early days when we started as a food truck and now in our permanent store front. The community has been an integral part of our success and we are grateful for the support we've seen since opening at 237 Collyer St. 

During the Stay at Home order, we'll be featuring a different Downtown Longmont business each day. These small businesses are the heartbeat of our community and are a big reason why this is such a great place to live, work, and play. This is a difficult time for everyone, and small businesses and their owners and employees are no exception.

There are many ways you can support our local small businesses during this time, from liking, following, and sharing their content on social media, to making online or over-the-phone purchases of products or gift cards. You can also donate to the Strongmont Fund, created to support local Longmont businesses negatively affected by COVID-19.