Release Date: April 21, 2020

Downtown #Strongmont Business of the Day - Terry Street Collective

Downtown #Strongmont Business of the Day - Terry Street Collective including Fluid IV Lounge & Love Health at 610 Terry St.

A member of the Downtown Longmont community for nearly 2 years, Terry Street Collective, Love Health and Fluid IV Lounge combine to offer a variety of treatment options that will have you feeling better in a hurry! No matter if you're working off a seasonal bug or looking for longer term solutions, they have something for you! Although you may not be able to visit their clinic right now, you can purchase gift cards, consult virtually, and more through their website at

Q & A with Dr. Noel Love and Scott Kaier, Owners of Terry Street Collective, Love Health and Fluid IV Lounge

Q: Why we decided to open in Downtown Longmont.

A: Longmont is a diverse and growing community and we wanted to be a part of that. The entrepreneurial spirit here is on full display and we love working alongside so many friendly and supportive people. Longmont became home for us four years ago when we bought a house here and we liked it so much we decided to move our Boulder-based businesses here as well. What we didn’t know at the time was how supportive groups like the LDDA are for small businesses. Their help, especially during such a challenging time, is amazing. 

Q: How can your customers make the Terry Street Collective their own favorite place, and how can they take ownership of supporting you during this time? 

A:  It’s easy to make us a favorite place! Simply schedule a free phone consultation with me, Dr. Love (720-295-5690) to hear about all the services we offer through at Terry Street Collective, Love Health and Fluid IV Lounge, including acupuncture, immune system-boosting IV therapy, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, micronutrient blood testing, custom supplements, massage, allergy elimination, intuitive readings and more. Our services will help anyone feel their best! And right now, I have access to sophisticated, lab-based COVID antibody testing from trusted lab partner Vibrant America for anyone who wants to know if they have or have had the virus. This test is not the rapid tests that are in the media currently.

Q: Why and how did you get into your line of business? 

A: I started my medical career working at Amgen, a large biotech pharmaceutical company and saw early on that conventional, Western medicine did not have all the answers for a lot of people who were having health issues, so I began studying acupuncture as a way to help. There is a reason acupuncture has been around for over 2000 really works. As I began treating people, I realized that incorporating some Western wellness techniques could complement what I was doing and lead to greater successes, so I introduced micronutrient blood testing, hormones and custom supplement packages that really helped my patients feel their best. From there, my husband Scott and I started Fluid IV Lounge to provide even better access to key nutrients for better health. 

Q: What do you enjoy most about doing business? 

A: Helping people in our hometown of Longmont feel their best brings us the most enjoyment. Helping transform people’s lives, especially after they have received little to no help from traditional doctors and specialists, is really the most rewarding part of what we do.  

Q: What differentiates you from other businesses?  

A: How much we care is what separates us from other wellness businesses. We spend more time with our clients, getting to know the root causes of their issues, allows us to get the best results possible. Also, our blend of Eastern and Western modalities provided by a variety of specialists combined with our inviting space in a turn-of-the-last-century house in the heart of Longmont’s Creative District provides our clients with a wellness experience unlike anywhere else.