Release Date: October 31, 2017

LDDA forms Downtown Residential Advisory Group

Longmont Downtown Development Authority forms Downtown Residential Advisory Group


The Board of Directors of the Longmont Downtown Development Authority (LDDA) have formed a Downtown Residential Advisory Group, to foster collaboratation between the LDDA Board and Downtown Residents.  This initiative is compatible with our Master Plan of Development Section 7: Leadership and Management; 1. Champion Downtown as a Citywide and Regional Asset.

Why: The Group will give feedback on issues, projects and programs to ensure that meaningful community involvement is part of Downtown’s evolution. Downtown Longmont will be stronger and more efficient with a well-informed residential population. 

When: Group would meet quarterly. Schedule to be determined.

Who: The Group will encompass the Historic Eastside, Historic Westside, Downtown Historic District and/or LDDA residents:

  • 1 representative of Historic Eastside Neighborhood
  • 1 representative of Historic Westside Neighborhood
  • 1 representative of Downtown Historic District/LDDA resident
  • 1 representative of a live/work business owner
  • 1 representative of mixed use housing (i.e. RPA, SMS, VP)
  • Up to 4 members at large (a mix of other residents)

Members will serve 1-year terms.  Members must maintain residency in the areas of “Old Town” roughly defined as 1st – 9th Ave.; Sunset – Martin St.

What: Group Members will give feedback to LDDA staff on a number of Downtown Issues.  This will allow the Board to consider the neighborhood perspective, along with the many other stakeholder groups in Downtown, when acting on certain decisions.

Roles & Responsibilities:

LDDA Responsibilities:

  • Host and chair quarterly meetings
  • Set agenda
  • Provide recap to the LDDA Board

Downtown Resident Advisory Group Responsibilities:

  • Provide feedback on LDDA projects and programs as needed
  • Encourage participation in neighborhood surveys or information gathering as needed
  • Pass critical information to neighbors
  • Update LDDA on neighborhood activity
  • Plan activities or mixers to bring neighbors together

How: Participants will be chosen by the LDDA Executive Committee.  Interested parties must complete an application on or before December 1.  Initial terms will be for one year. 

Applicants can Apply online or Print application and e-mail to