Release Date: October 8, 2018

Martinis Bistro

Martini’s Bistro approaches thirty years of offering an upscale dining experience paired with impeccable service, outstanding food, and phenomenal cocktails!


Martini’s Bistro

 From the charming setting to the genuine welcome upon arrival, Martinis Bistro strives to ensure all patrons feel like beloved houseguests. Set in the stately yet comfortable 1890 Victorian home at 543 Terry Street, Martinis Bistro provides an award-winning patio, creative cuisine, and a breathtaking array of phenomenal cocktails.


Since 1990, Martinis Bistro has been serving the greater Longmont community since with trademark zest. Originally named “ChriSar’s”, the popular restaurant was given a makeover in 2004. The patio was expanded, décor updated, and the menu revamped to be more creative and fun. Marking the transformation most of all was the new name. Martinis Bistro has since been delivering casual, upscale dining experiences that offer the ultimate blend of refreshment and relaxation.


I attribute a lot of our longevity to the neighborhood, to Longmont in general,” says Head Server Anthony Ilacqua. “But I think if I had to describe it to somebody it would be good drinks and amazing food. The Chef prides himself on making good food that people like to eat.”

While impeccable food and drink are signature qualities behind Martinis reputation, the exceptional service is without doubt just as noteworthy. “We take enormous pride in our service,” says Director of Hospitality Stefan Kulski, describing the unique ingredients behind the comfortable atmosphere. “More than half our staff members have been here for over four years. We all get along, and make it a point to work as a team.”