Release Date: July 31, 2019

Microspa – the Next Big Thing in Spa Treatments

Longmont spa center focuses on custom care for clientele

Don’t let the “micro” in Microspa fool you – there’s nothing small about Longmont’s specialty spa center. Kind of like how a microscope takes things and makes them larger, so too does Microspa create big impacts out of scaled, yet complete, custom care – including skin treatments, facials, massage  and more – each crafted specifically to individual client’s needs.

Owner Vanessa Slattery explains what differentiates her spa from others, what makes downtown Longmont ideal for her business, and how big things come in spa packages.

When did you get started in the spa business?

Vanessa: I’ve been practicing since 1998 and Microspa opened three years ago in August. I got started in the business because, as a customer at a spa, I’d gotten real results for some medical conditions and I wanted to do the same for others.

How did you choose the name Microspa? And why?

Vanessa: I do everything that a full spa does – all of the spa services are traditional -- but I am the full proprietor and practitioner. That’s what makes it a spa boutique. It allows me to customize and personalize all of the services to the customer. They can select whatever they want from the menu. Or I can create a session for them based on their needs and wants. However they would like to approach it.

What’s the most popular service you offer?

Vanessa: People really like the transcendent facial because I have a medical grade LED machine with microderm abrasion. I alos have clients who enjoy body treatments because of the really dry weather here. Therapuetic massage is also very, very popular. I love when clients come in and to see the shift from pain or some other issue to see the sense of relief or results at the end of the session. It is really satisfying to see them rejuvenated. I get to see those results immediately. Spa treatments have real positive impacts on the nervous system, on our bodies, and our emotional health as well.

It sounds like you’re distinctly different from a Big Box-style spa experience.

Vanessa: Absolutely. When you come to me, you’re getting the practitioner. Someone who understands the practice and has a reason for what they’re doing. Not because they are adhering to some corporate protocol or process that isn’t right for that person. What I do is right for that particular person. And we offer trusted products from brands like Dermologica and Farmhouse Fresh for post-treatment care. Essentially, I keep the arts in the healing arts.

Are gift cards or certificates available for people who want to gift their friend or loved one a treatment available?

Vanessa: Yes. We can create a custom package-redmeption type card. Or just a general cash-value type card.

Any specials people should be aware of coming up?

Vanessa: We have our Christmas in July sale is coming up. Products will be 20-25% off on July 25th.  They can preorder, buy gift certificates, whatever they would like. And in August, our anniversary, we’ll have specials throughout the month.

What do you like most about being located in downtown Longmont?

Vanessa: I live in and love the downtown area. I love the area and the foot traffic and the local downtown stores and retail. Cheese Importers, Elevated Yoga, Crystal Joys are all favorite places of mine. My space is unique and it has a lot of individuality that you can’t find many places. Downtown is a beautiful place and I’m really happy to be part of the retail experience there.


Microspa is located at 703 3rd Avenue, Suite B, in downtown Longmont. They are open seven days a week, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m weekends, and by appointment.

You can find more information about Microspa at or on facebook, search yourmicrospa. Or reach them the old-fashioned way at 720-930-6166.