Release Date: February 11, 2019

Old Town Marketplace

Eclectic, diverse businesses of Old Town Marketplace reflect the vibrant warmth and charm of Longmont’s Creative District.

Step into the Old Town Marketplace (OTM) and feel the love. Not just because it’s February, and not necessarily the Cupid’s arrows and assorted chocolate variety (though you may well find that, too). We’re talking about a year-round welcome and warmth visitors are sure to feel right away. Not surprising, when you consider the indoor shopping center at 332 Main Street is built on a love of community spirit.

Growing up in Hawaii, owner Monique Cole was fond of plentiful open markets and all they entailed. More than market stalls, they served as gathering spots for individual entrepreneurs to collectively create and share, promoting both commerce and community. When Cole and her parents purchased the building now known as the Old Town Marketplace, she welcomed small business owners, inviting them to create individual spaces based on that market concept. Those spaces (ten main level and eight mezzanine level) stand rightfully on their own and further thrive together. “Our mix of businesses is eclectic because we’ve allowed it to grow organically to reflect the vibrant diversity of Longmont,” Cole says. 
Site manager Tomas Perez joined the OTM team when scouting for a new location for his art gallery, The ART Spot, in 2015. “I met Monique and quickly fell in love with the concept of maintaining some of the most competitive rates in all of Boulder County AND the spirit of business,” Perez says. When Cole offered him both position of site manager alongside the space for The ART Spot to blossom, it was a no-brainer decision.

Walking down Main Street, OTM beckons with creative and homey charm. From bright pinatas and fanciful displays, fragrant bakery and coffee shop aromas, and sweeping artistry within, there is plenty of allure for all. This spring, the team looks forward to welcoming the addition of an ice cream and soda shop, rounding out the mall’s delightful selection...much like dessert served a la mode.

At OTM, you will discover treasures and opportunities to treasure. Since the ribbon-cutting ceremony in March 2011, the mall has proven to be a terrific place for local entrepreneurs to make the leap from craft fairs to becoming a retail store, or from a home office to a Downtown location, Cole says. Moreover, OTM has flourished as a community hub. The common area offers a space for community events, concerts, movies, art exhibits, and more. Musical entertainment is scheduled for the monthly Second Friday events throughout the yeah. “We love opening up our home to the greater community,” Perez says. “Come enjoy our funky, diverse, unique, eclectic mall.”