Release Date: January 2, 2020

Pop Up Healing Arts & Wellness Fair on 2nd Friday, January 10

New Year, New You: Longmont Launches the First of its Kind 
Healing Arts and Wellness Fair

Hosted during January 2020’s 2nd Friday event, the Longmont Downtown Development Authority proudly introduces the community to seven local health and wellness practitioners
As a complement to the January 2020 2nd Friday “New Year, New You” theme, the Longmont Downtown Development Authority is giving area residents the opportunity to meet local wellness practitioners, take more control of their health, and feel their best in the new year with the Healing Arts and Wellness Fair. 

Hosted as a pop-up event by Longmont Observer and Longmont Public Media at their new home in the Carnegie Library Building at 457 4th Ave (southeast corner of 4th and Kimbark) on Friday January 10 from 6:00-9:00 PM, the Healing Arts and Wellness Fair will feature a variety of local health and wellness practitioners, ready to educate and answer questions about your health needs. Participating practitioners include: Fluid IV Lounge, Terry Street Collective, Eagle Heart Wisdom Healing, Health In Essence, Elevated Yoga Studio, Earth Feather Healings, and The Peaceful Poppy Med Spa.

“We’re excited to see a healing arts pop-up event during 2nd Friday in January. The theme for 2nd Friday on January 10 is ‘New Year, New You’, and this pop-up event is a natural fit for that theme and this time of year. People often see a new year as a fresh start and clean slate to make healthy changes and create new habits or routines for themselves,” says Colin Argys, Marketing Specialist & Event Coordinator with the Longmont Downtown Development Authority. “Many people might not know that there are nearly 70 Health, Wellness, and Beauty businesses doing exceptional work in Downtown Longmont, and it’s great to see this event showcase some of amazing things that these small business owners are doing to help others improve their quality of life. There is a nice mix of businesses at this pop-up event, and folks will be able to get a better idea of what type of practitioners might be able to help them with issues they might be experiencing, or just help them feel better overall.”
Event attendees will be able to meet the practitioners and learn more about a wide range of local wellness services, including everything from cutting-edge techniques such as IV nutritional therapy and bioidentical hormone replacement to tried-and-true practices such as massage, acupuncture, healing herbs and yoga. Through access to the individual practitioners, attendees will be able to learn more in an interactive environment, helping them determine a wellness plan that addresses their individual issues and goals. 

“In-person events that allow us to connect directly with the community are extremely helpful for practitioners and for the people we serve,” says Dr. Noel Love, Co-Founder of Terry Street Collective and Fluid IV Lounge. “It really helps people learn about new and different wellness modalities in an educational, no-pressure atmosphere. For a lot of people, our practices are unconventional, so being able to speak directly about what we do helps people find solutions that may not be readily available from their doctor.”

All participating practitioners are local, downtown Longmont business owners, proudly serving the Longmont community. Discounts and special offers will be available to event attendees to encourage them to try new and different practices and modalities.  

Opening their space for the first time during January’s 2nd Friday, Longmont Public Media is a makerspace for media, which allows members of the public to come together and create everything from TV shows to podcasts that can be shared with all of Longmont. They will have a music playing and a video booth inside. Tours will be offered as well. Volunteers will be out and about letting 2nd Friday attendees know about their new space and the Healing Arts and Wellness Fair.

"We are excited to participate in our first 2nd Friday and begin to connect with the Longmont community,” said Macie May, Editor-in-Chief at Longmont Observer. “We are hosting a video booth for people to share their hopes for the New Year and tours of our new building. Feel free to drop by to see a few of the things you can do at Longmont Public Media."