Release Date: March 16, 2018

Snow Apparel - It's about eco!

“Who made your clothes?”

It’s a question that could be taken a couple of different ways: as a compliment (i.e., “I really like that. Who made it?”) or maybe also as a challenge. As in, do you know who made your clothes, how they’re sourced, and under what conditions?

Snow White of downtown Longmont’s SNOW Apparel LLC (520 Main Street) wants people to ask that question of her and that she wants you to ask in both contexts. Her mission is to create a customer-centric, catered experience when shopping for conscientiously created quality women’s wear in a charming yet elegant environment. But she also wants to market fair-trade, environmentally-sensitive, and/or American made goods to an evolving demographic in Longmont. Indeed, her beautiful boutique downtown is achieving just that in an alluring and roomy venue. The store balances a full, captivating inventory, yet has space to move around without bumping elbows or feeling shadowed.

Find out more about SNOW Apparel’s desire to create a conscious-forward shopping experience with a heart, and why girlfriends might have a new favorite not-so-secret hang out destination.

Your store is called Snow, after your name, Snow White, not because you sell winter wear.

Snow: I actually like that perception, though. It gets people talking. And they call and then come in anyway. Some folks ask me, aren’t you afraid people are going to come in and ask you to tune their skis? And I say, come on in. I will gladly refer you to someone who does that. By the way, do you need a new pair of gloves? Or a jacket?

You’ve been in business since…?

Snow:  We signed the lease in February 2017. But we just opened in November 2017. We’re still pretty new.

Was fashion always important to you?

Snow: Never.

So why now?

Snow:  I’ve done lots of different jobs. Every job I’ve had – banking, the wedding industry, retail, women’s clothing – has all led me here. To this place. I managed a little store in Boulder that sold bamboo clothing, and I found myself really caring about the store. When the store sold to another investor, I was let go. That same night, over a bottle of wine, cried a little bit, and my husband, Jim, and I were talking and he said, ‘Well, why not start your own store? Find a place of your own.’ I went from tears to planning a business in the space of one bottle of wine.

This place is truly your own – not a franchise, or anything like that. One of a kind.

Snow: Yes. I created this place to be the kind of place that I wanted in this town. As a consumer. It mirrored quite a bit of what other women were looking for. As part of creating my business plan, I learned the fashion industry and learned it very quickly. I knew I didn’t want to do a typical store. I wanted something that keyed off of the fashion revolution.

Tell us about that – the fashion revolution. Because your store is more than just a purveyor of fine women’s clothing, you also have a mission and vision that goes beyond just rings on the register.

Snow: There was a factory fire in Bangladesh. Thousands died. Even today, many of these workers are not paid fair wages. Chained to their workstations. All of that. The revolution was born from that. I decided that’s what drives me right there. What I started doing was hashtagging what I wanted to be associated with. I wanted to be consistent and thorough with that message. Even in the business plan. One was “who made your clothes” and it made people stop and think about that. I just wanted to shine whatever light I can on that. That grew into fair trade, organic, made in the USA. All of these are cornerstones of what we market here.

Some of the items in SNOW Apparel are only available here, and local or regional designers make many of those things.

Snow: Right. In my research I came to find designers right here. I asked why they weren’t in Longmont and the answer was, that there was no boutique venues for them. Bingo. I asked to carry their clothes exclusively. And I got it. It’s taken off from there. I hand pick everything and it has to meet one of those three criteria: made in the USA, organic (natural fibers), or fair trade. Then it starting driving after that.

Do you have a favorite line you sell? Why? What other lines do you sell?

Snow: They’re all favorites or they wouldn’t be here. I always try it on or examine it ‘in person.’

What makes shopping at Snow an experience or an event as opposed to something to just do?

Snow: We kill it with service. Women come into this store to buy clothes, yes, but not if I have to ‘sell’ her on something. We greet, we meet, and I help when help is needed. But it’s never forced. We offer guidance, and personal experience. And professional experience. Also, our by appointment Mondays has been met with a lot of enthusiasm. We’ve already had one booking for a private shopping experience and that turned into a ladies-only party where they brought in their own wine and snacks. They all met here, socialized, tried on clothes, giggled, and bought their own presents. We’d like to create that girlfriends-only shopping experience.

Is there anything people should know about promotions and sales?

Snow: People should follow us on social media to be the first to hear about promotions.

What is something you wish people knew about your store that maybe they’re not aware of?

Snow: That at SNOW Apparel, LLC, it’s about eco and not about ego. That’s what we’re about.

SNOW Apparel, LLC is located at 520 Main Street, Longmont. They are open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Offering high end, quality women’s wear and jewelry.

Reach them at (303) 434-8566 or You can also find them on facebook at snowapparel.colorado.

Find out how to make shopping at SNOW a memorable event – or make your own: inquiries welcome for special hosted shopping appointments at SNOW Apparel at their phone number, email, and facebook.