Release Date: February 6, 2020

Step into JavaStop

By Mersadi McClure

As a frequent coffee consumer, I have learned over the years that although cafes essentially all offer the same product, the atmosphere curated inside of each tells more about the type of experience the cafe is crafting more so than the beverages they are serving. Java Stop in Downtown Longmont is no exception, and a visit inside this small but bustling independent cafe will quickly explain why. 

Java Stop holds the distinction of being Downtown Longmont’s oldest cafe, and there’s a reason why it’s been around since 1991. This mom and pop ran establishment brews quality coffee, with multiple options including local roasters often available on drip, serves innovative pastries made in house that I more often than not find myself indulging in, and offers a variety of tea blends that are still on my list to try, in addition to seasonal and specialty offerings. My personal favorite menu item, black iced coffee, illustrates the level of minute detail Java Stop puts into their menu offerings, as the ice cubes are also made out of coffee, ensuring my drink never gets watered down.

For me, JavaStop evokes memories of a late-night coffee shop I spent many hours in throughout college. Featuring a curated collection of mismatched but cozy furniture, quirky decor, and friendly attentive service, JavaStop is cool without sacrificing the chill vibes. The atmosphere inside is quiet enough to easily get lost in work, but also warm and inviting, making for a perfect spot to catch up with friends or get to know someone. They even offer a toy closet to help occupy little ones!

If you needed anymore convincing that JavaStop embodies the spirit of a true community cafe, they also feature art by local creatives in our community. Stop in during February to view new art such as complex acrylic-style pours by Anna-Liza Armfield, and bright, spirituality-inspired canvases by Tyler Smith, among other work currently on display and available for purchase at the cafe. This February 2nd Friday offers a perfect occasion to step into JavaStop as we celebrate all things local in Downtown Longmont with “Longmont Loves Local”, so step in and experience this local gem for yourself!