Release Date: November 26, 2019

Longmont Downtown Insider: Street Team member Grace Gutierrez visits Simply Bulk Market

Buying food in bulk has always been a practice that made so much sense to me. Eliminating the cost of packaging while buying only the amount of a product you need just seems so practical.  It has also been a goal of mine to start adopting more environmentally beneficial habits, so I decided to visit Simply Bulk Market at 418 Main St. in Downtown Longmont. This store offers a huge selection of products sold in bulk, as well as reusable containers and bags to start filling with local, natural, and organic items. Simply Bulk is your one-stop shop for anyone wanting to take steps towards zero waste shopping.

My trip to Simply Bulk Market began with gathering some containers at home to bring and refill at the store. I called ahead to make sure there weren’t any restrictions with the types of containers I could use and I was told they just needed to be clean and sanitized. I decided to bring some glass Mason jars, an empty laundry detergent bottle, a spray bottle, and a snap shut plastic container.

At first, I felt a little strange carrying a bunch of empty, clinking glass jars and a big empty laundry detergent container into the store with me, but it also felt great knowing that I was taking a step towards positive change. Once inside, I saw customers making the whole process look easy, and let me tell you, it really is. The first step is to go to the counter and have all your containers weighed. Once weighed, you are good to start filling them up!

I first headed towards the laundry detergent. Giant barrels with pumps made filling my detergent bottle super quick and easy. Once I had the amount I needed, I simply labeled the bottle with the PLU number associated with that product, and voila, it was ready to purchase! My favorite products to portion out were the spices. This warm smelling section contained interesting spice blends and single spices, and little scoops to fill your containers.

Simply Bulk places labels and pens in every section to make labeling as simple as possible. I also loved browsing through the snack aisle. At this point I had run out of containers from home, but Simply Bulk provides bags made from recycled paper to fill. I opted for some strawberry granola. I couldn’t leave without buying something sweet.

The longer I spent in Simply Bulk Market, the more wonderful products I found. A huge selection of local and organic pet products, kombucha, vinegars and oils on tap, bulk coffee with an industrial coffee bean grinder, and body products like lotions and soaps adorn the shelves. I was also surprised to see eggs and local, seasonal produce for sale (some fresh lavender was being dropped off by a local farm and it smelled absolutely amazing!) I could have spent hours browsing everything that was in there. 

My haul of goods: natural lavender scented laundry detergent, natural citrus all-purpose cleaner, tri colored quinoa, popcorn kernels, strawberry granola, cumin, and oregano.  

A few tips for your visit to Simply Bulk Market:

  • Parking on Main St. was full when I went, so I parked in the back lot on Kimbark St. between 4th and 5th Avenues. 
  • Bring a big reusable bag to hold all your goods while you shop. Shopping at Simply Bulk is very hands on, so it is helpful to have a place to keep all your items. 
  • Start saving empty containers for products a week or two before you come. While there are containers sold here to fill, it felt extra special using only reused items from home. Plus, the containers are clean and ready to use right then and there. 
  • Once you visit this shop, start recognizing products you buy at other stores that always come in single use plastic containers that are also sold here. I have a running list of items to buy waste free for my next visit to Simply Bulk.