Release Date: November 15, 2019

Q&A with Longmont Artist & Potter Iann Hall

Street Team Blog Post - by Kanoe Wentworth

Last winter, I was in search of the perfect mug to get my husband as a gift and I came across Longmont artist Iann Hall at a local art market. I immediately fell in love with her work and purchased several pieces. To this day, my husband only drinks out of her mugs. He claims it has the perfect handle and fits him perfectly. 

This month, I had the pleasure to meet Iann at her in-home studio in Longmont to see where she creates her work. 

How did you get started in pottery?
I have always been a maker. I have fond memories making things with my grandmother. I guess you can say it is in my DNA. I began taking pottery classes at Front Range Community College 3 years ago. I was originally studying to be an accountant but pottery won me over!

How often are you in the studio? 
I am fortunate to practice pottery full-time in my studio here at home. My biggest challenge is keeping the studio clean and tidy! I tend to work best at night when it’s quiet and there are no distractions. I feel more focused, creative, and comfortable. 

What is your process and how long does it take you to create one piece?
I tend to process several works at once. For example, I’ll create a dozen mugs over a few hours and move them through the process all together. I often have different pieces at different stages of the ceramic process. Sometimes there is a batch that needs to be glazed or fired or some that need to be spun. There is always something to work on!

What artists do you admire?
I am a huge fan of Adam Field, and I even had the privilege to attend one of his workshops in Montana over the summer. I came away deeply inspired and wanted to incorporate what I learned into my own work. Now I like to reflect on my work and ask questions like “what do I want this pot to say?” I find it interesting to see what pieces people are drawn to and why. 

Where do you get creative inspiration? 
I am hugely influenced by Asian ceramics, particularly Japanese, Korean and Chinese styles. I love the simplistic and minimal lines mixed with the neutral earth tones of the clay. I try to incorporate this into my own pieces. For example, I like to expose some of the clay at the bottom of my pieces. 

How do you market yourself? 
Much of my marketing is through word of mouth however I do attend local markets and art fairs where I meet lots of people. I always update my Instagram profile to include a schedule of where I will be selling my products. You can also find some of my pieces at Maker General at 381 Main Street. 

What are you future goals for yourself and your business? 
For my business, I would like to begin selling more of my work online. My new website with an official online store will launch in early 2020. As an artist I’d like to continue to challenge myself and try new things. I am slighting addicted to porcelain but don’t always have access to it. I find it challenging and would like to work more with it. Overall, I would like to continue being inspired and creating while both maintaining and reinventing my style. 

Iann Hall Pottery (also known as KindPottery) 
Instagram: @kindpottery