Release Date: April 27, 2018

Wibby Pairs Beer with Opera

Wibby Brewing makes unusual pairing in the Longmont Creative District.

By Kristen Kuchar

We’ve all seen breweries pairing beers with chocolates, cheeses or even Girl Scout cookies, but University of Colorado at Boulder’s College of Music has another accompaniment in mind – opera songs.

Hops & Opera is a fun program offered by the college, where incredibly talented opera singers and alumni perform shortened songs at local breweries. The songs are carefully chosen and paired with a specific beer based on its story, such as a unique ingredient, its inspiration or the background behind its name. 

For example, at the most recent event at Wibby Brewing in Longmont, Throwing Stones Steinbier, was paired with the song, Sibillar Gli Angui D’Aletto. The beer was brewed with fire-heated chunks of granite that were added to the wort in the boil stage. It’s designed to reflect the song’s story of tired soldiers heating rocks to warm their feet, as well as the smoke from battle.

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