Clean and Safe Environment

Downtown Longmont’s partnership with the City of Longmont Public Works and Natural Resources and the Police Department helps ensure a clean, safe and welcoming environment to all who live, work or visit downtown. Keeping downtown clean and safe provides a positive downtown experience and helps support economic development efforts.

The Clean and the Safe elements work hand in hand. Statistics show that clean streets make for safe streets. LDDA funds designated Public Works and Natural Resources crews to maintain the integrity of the downtown streets and alleys daily while monitoring and remediating potential safety concerns. Their efforts help make downtown a beautiful place to work, live or play.

The LDDA holds an annual Clean & Green event where volunteers come together to clean up areas around downtown. We embrace the community to help us continue to make downtown a vibrant destination for all ages.

The LDDA also maintains the downtown streetscape, including planters and banners on Main Street, the Breezeways, and the St. Stephen’s Plaza. As part of the district, a committee is also dedicated to place making within the district. 

Downtown is one of the safest neighborhoods in Longmont due also in part to the Police Department’s exceptional mission to create and preserve public safety. The Longmont Police Department was selected as one of the Top Ten Community Policing Departments in the nation by the US Department of Justice. This designation is based on the significant effort and commitment by police officers and staff, together with citizens to work together to make Longmont a safe community.

Who to contact:
If you wish to report a street, sidewalk or alley clean and safe issue, contact the Longmont Public Works and Natural Resources Department at 303-651-8416. Problems can also be reported to the LDDA office at 303-651-8484.

In case of emergency, call 9-1-1 for the Longmont Police Department.

In case of a power issues, contact Longmont Power and Communications at 303-651-8386.