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Cocktail Development Day at Dry Land Distillers

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Dry Land Distillers is proud to be one of the top cocktail bars in Colorado. Our creative bar team crafts seasonal and unique cocktails each week.Our team hosts cocktail development days the first Thursday of each month from 4 – 7 pm.

The bar team will be mixing, shaking, tasting, adjusting, and re-tasting cocktail recipes all evening. Patrons will have the chance to meet the bar team, receive free cocktails (bartender’s choice), offer feedback, and learn techniques directly from the mixologists. We may even have photographers on site taking photos of the cocktails as they are served.

This is a walk-in event (no reservations required), so arrive early for the best chance to get a free cocktail (and please tip the team if you love the work they do.) See you at Dry Land!