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Downtown Smoke-Free Zone

On July 22, 2019, the City of Longmont took another step forward in its goals to become a healthier place to live, work and play. The City and the LDDA recognize that exposure to smoking and tobacco products present health and safety concerns for Downtown businesses as well as visitors and employees of the Downtown District. The Longmont City Council passed a vote to expand the City’s current smoke-free ordinance (9.40) to areas in Downtown Longmont to help protect the health of our community, the environment from discarded smoking materials, and support a welcoming and vibrant Downtown experience. For full details of the City of Longmont's Smoking Ordinance, visit their website

The Smoke-Free Zone in Downtown includes:

  • Main St. between 1st Ave. and Longs Peak Ave.
    • Includes the Avenues off Main St. around the corners to the alleys (alleys not included) 
  • Breezeways on the E and W side of Main St. between 3rd and 6th Ave.

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View Longmont City Council Ordinance Communication

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Downtown Longmont joins cities with similar laws, including Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Golden, and Littleton that have all adopted smoke-free protections for their downtown areas, include electronic devices.

Frequently Asked Questions about Downtown's new Smoke-Free Ordinance

Public Education
Signage was installed in the smoke-free zones and the LDDA informed the public of the new ordinance.

Cigarette Receptacles
Receptacles previously installed on Main St., courtesy of the Keep America Beautiful Cigarette Litter Prevention Grant, were relocated to the alleys and Avenues. Businesses on Main St. that are interested in having a receptacle behind their building should contact the LDDA at (303) 651-8586. 

Resources for Businesses
The LDDA conducted outreach to Downtown businesses and provided information and resources regarding the expanded ordinance, including palm cards, table tents, sessation pamphlets and more.

Thinking about quitting?
Resources are available to help you become tobacco-free.