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10 Venues | 30+ Performances | 100+ Local Musicians | One All-Inclusive Ticket

Frequently Asked Questions (and Frequently Given Answers)


Mandatory Will-Call Ticket Pickup is available today from 12 noon until 5 pm at TBK Bank, 401 Coffman St.


Q: I saw awhile ago that the WWMS was requiring proof of vaccination. Did that change?
A: WWMS 2022 will NO LONGER require proof of vaccination. With the Boulder County Indoor Masking order being rescinded on February 18, the event is no longer required to be fully vaccine verified in order to take place. After significant discussion and deliberation, we decided it was in the best interest of the event to remove the vaccination requirement.  

Q: Do we need to wear masks?
A: If there is no Boulder County masking order in place at the time of the event, we will not require anyone to wear a mask and will leave it up to personal choice. Anyone who would like to wear a mask is more than welcome to!

Q: Can we choose to wear masks?
A: Absolutely! We encourage anyone who would like to wear a mask to please do so. 

Q: When and where can I pick up my tickets that I purchased?
A: Physical tickets (commemorative pin-back buttons) must be picked up in-person before entering venues or performances. Tickets may be picked up at TBK Bank (401 Coffman St.) the week leading up to the event (Monday, April 4 - Friday, April 8) between the hours of 9am - 4pm, or on the day of the event (Saturday, April 9) between 12 - 5pm.  Please bring printed or digital ticket purchase confirmation a quicker pickup process. Physical tickets will not be mailed or delivered digitally. 

Q: Can I purchase tickets on the day of the event? 
A: Yes (while supplies last). Day-of-event tickets will be available for online and in-person purchase while supplies last. Day-of tickets can be purchased at online through the ‘Purchase Tickets’ link, or at TBK Bank, 401 Coffman St., between 12 noon - 5 p.m. on Saturday, April 9, or until sold out.  For in-person purchases, cash or credit card payments will be accepted. The best way to make sure you don't miss out, and to get the best available price, is to purchase online ahead of time. Like right now! Purchase Tickets Here

Q: When and where does the Showcase take place?
A: Saturday, April 9th, 2022, from 2:00 – 9:30 p.m. in 10 venues throughout Downtown Longmont.

Q: What does purchasing a ticket get me?
A: The all-inclusive General Admission ticket gets you access to every show on the schedule (entry is not guaranteed based on capacity. See below for more info). In addition to being able to see all these talented local musicians, you'll be helping us provide direct monetary support to our entire lineup of talented local musicians, and all ticketholders will also receive an awesome package of digital bounceback coupons, discounts, and offers from WWMS venues and Downtown businesses. And of course, you'll receive the highly-sought-after 4th annual commemorative groundhog pin (which is really priceless).  

Q: Why are there no VIP Tickets this year? 
A: We’ve decided to skip the "Official" VIP and Artists Afterparty for 2022. However, The Times Collaborative is hosting the "unofficial" 80's Funk Afterparty, and will keep the party going until 10:30 or so! Anyone and everyone is welcome! 

Q: Does my ticket guarantee me entry in to every show?
A: Not necessarily. The ticket guarantees you ACCESS to every show, but different venues have different capacities, and can’t legally allow more people than that. If there are certain shows you absolutely don’t want to miss out on, we suggest arriving plenty early to make sure you get in before it’s full.

Q: Will I be able to have a seat at all of the performances?
A: We can’t guarantee that everyone will have a seat for every performance. Many venues will have ample seating, but there may be cases where it becomes standing room only. We suggest showing up early to increase the likelihood that you will get a seat for the performance.

Q: If I can’t get in to a venue, am I totally out of luck? 
A: Not necessarily. There will always be multiple shows happening at the same time, so even if one venue is full, you can walk to one of the others that should have room. Or you could wait outside a venue in hopes that someone will leave during the show and you’ll be able to head in. But no guarantees.  

Q: Is the only way to purchase tickets ahead of time online? 
A: That’s the easiest and most convenient way, but if you would like to make your purchase in-person you can come in to the LDDA Office at 320 Main St. We are open Mon-Thurs 8:30-5, and Friday 8:30-4. We can accept Credit Card or Cash. For day-of-event ticket purchases, please see the next question.

Q: I bought my ticket online, how do I get the physical ticket?
A: The ‘ticket’ for the Showcase will be a 2” x 2” button you can pin to your clothing (for convenience, visibility, and the fashion statement). Tickets will be available for pickup on the day of the event, Saturday, April 9, at TBK Bank (401 Coffman St.) from 12 noon - 5 p.m. We will e-mail all ticket purchasers with pickup information the week before the Showcase. 

Q: This sounds like something my whole family would enjoy. Is it a family-friendly event? 
A: Yes, definitely! All ages are welcome to attend. Discretion is advised based on venue and performer - we can't guarantee family-friendly language and content for the entire duration of every single performance, but the event is absolutely family-friendly.  Child (12 and under) tickets are available on a LIMITED BASIS for $10. Please contact or call 303-651-8750 to purchase child tickets.

Q: What happens if the WWMS is rescheduled? Or cancelled?
A: Public health guidelines are subject to change at any time, and the WWMS may have to adjust its format accordingly. If the event must be cancelled for any reason, tickets will be transferred to a later date or refunded at face value.

Q: Where can I park?
A: Parking will be available on-street, and in public and venue parking lots. Visit our Parking Page for more information. Please be safe and courteous! 

Q: How do I get around to all the different shows?
A:  All of the venues are within several blocks of each other, Walking is strongly encouraged (we didn't name it the 'Winter Driveabout'), and is probably the fastest, most efficient way to get between shows. 

Q: Are all WWMS musicians compensated?
A: Absolutely! In fact, the WWMS team made the decision to increase the pay per musician for 2022. We at the WWMS and Longmont Creative District believe that compensating artists fairly to help provide a living wage is of utmost importance, especially after an extremely difficult 2 years for artists, musicians, and performers. Your ticket purchase goes directly toward paying WWMS artists. 

Q: Has the ticket cost gone up since the last time the event was held?
A: Yes. We at the WWMS and Longmont Creative District believe that compensating artists fairly to help provide a living wage is of utmost importance, especially after an extremely difficult 2 years for artists, musicians, and performers. We believe the maximum price of $35 for a General Admission ticket is still an incredible value for all the performances you have access to, and we’ve added tiered pricing with early-bird tickets available for as low as $25 per ticket.

Q: What happened to the Food & Drink deals that were offered for ticketholders during past Winter Walkabouts?
A: Because of the need to have more controlled spaces to comply with Public Health guidelines, none of the 2022 WWMS venues will be open to the public. All WWMS performances will be open to ticketholders only. Since all venues are closing to the public for the day, we ask you to patronize them at full menu price as a way to thank them for hosting live local music and making this event possible.  

Q: What if I have other questions?
A: Feel free to e-mail or call 303-651-8750. 

Grab your ticket and head downtown for a day and night of what Longmont does best - live local music, unique venues, good vibes, and community spirit! 


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