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Full 2024 Lineup: 

Headliners: 2MX2 | Kid Astronaut | The 89s 

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2024 Headliners



2MX2 is a revolutionary bilingual band whose music combines traditional Latin, alternative, pop, and urban rhythms, seamlessly blending English and Spanish (Spanglish).

Their music carries a powerful message, fearlessly addressing significant social issues like immigration, health, and education reform through meaningful and thought-provoking lyrics.

The band is composed of highly talented individuals, including Owen Trujillo (aka O1), a Mexican-born artist from Zacatecas, Denver natives Juice ET Hugo, Lolita, DMD, and Kenny O., and Chilean/Cuban artist Adrian Garay. In 2022, 2MX2 was voted one of Colorado’s Top 10 Bands by NPR’s Colorado Public Radio.

Kid Astronaut

Kid Astronaut

From the far reaches of outer space comes Kid Astronaut, a time and dimension traveling musician on a mission to become one of the greatest artists in the galaxy.

Inspired by R&B/Soul, Hip Hop, Punk music, and the multi-dimensional world of Marvel Comics, Kid Astronaut creates a universe of music, film, art, and more for his fanbase, "The Aliens," to enjoy.

With a larger mission of sharing inspiration, motivation, and love with the world, Kid Astronaut devotes his full attention and love to everything he does, carving out a legacy of amazing art and positive influence for future generations.

The 89s

The 89s

Hiya! We are an Americana / Pop / Rock Band from Lyons Colorado. Songs from the road, basement and rooftops. Grit and grime, wood and wire. 

The 89s are *not* an 80’s tribute band. Or if they are, it’s filtered through a long, dusty lens of americana, power pop, and gritty guitar rock. They hail from Lyons, CO - a tiny town with a big, joyful music scene.

The 89s play the songs of singer / guitar player Eben Grace, whose writing influences swing wide from Costello pop to Dylan folk to Prince soul and any other song that’s been stuck in his head. He writes of characters with big dreams set to big melodies from big guitars - big enough to pull you in and fill your heart.

Grab your ticket and head downtown for a day and night of what Longmont does best - live local music, unique venues, good vibes, and community spirit! 

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