Creation Station

519 4th Ave
Longmont, CO 80501

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CATEGORIES: Creative Venues | 2nd Friday Map

The Creation Station, opened in June 2015, is a stand-alone Recreation Services facility.  Formerly the site of the Longmont TinkerMill, and before that the old City print shop and part of the City Museum, this historic building has a rich history and a terrific central location.

Freshened up and re-conceived as a space for all kinds of creating -- from drawing to painting to robotics to book clubs -- the Creation Station is the new hot spot for creative camps, activities, and clubs.  So, if you're downtown, wander by and have a look.  Pretty soon we'll be adding information about upcoming offerings, as well as getting some properly creative signs out front. 

 The Creation Station is located one block west of the Library and 1/2 block east of Main St. on 4th Avenue in Longmont.

Recommended Parking: 4th Ave., 300E lot

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