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CATEGORY: Wellness


My intent for you is spiritual wellness.

When the perception is loss, separation occurs, thus, in an effort to protect the human heart and intellect, grieving shadows emerge articulating loss and disconnection, the precursors of metabolic illness in mind, body and spirit. Soul, our spiritual self, utilizes these subtle bodies of feeling and thought as the regulators of personal experience, therefore, healing our shadows promotes healthy, honest relationships.  

In 2003, a deep, personal shock of malicious intent by others caused a fatal heart attack for me. I died and went into the Light. A Spiritual receiving line greeted me representing all faiths and beliefs. I smiled, and collapsed. They carried me through vast worlds of bright white light inside a pulsing artery of sparkling blue sound rebuilding the embryonic intimacies of my broken heart. As I awoke, I heard: "Take my heart and give to others, what I have given to you. Be the direction of your own Spirit." 

Eagle Heart Wisdom Healing empowers you through quiet meditative journeys co-facilitated by Katy into the Light with the representatives of your spiritual or religious belief system so that you may directly heal the primary shadows of conflict manifesting distress in your life.

By learning to cherish our personal traumas as God markers of spiritual brilliance, we live honestly. We radiate self-compassion, loving kindness and respectable empathy for everyone, thus gifting ourselves with personal peace and commitment to live well with purpose in God’s Light: spiritual wellness.

Please visit: www.eagleheartwisdomhealingllc.com to learn more and read testimonials.

Hours: By appointment only

Call or text:  Katy Rose 720-667-7928

Email: katyroselistens@gmail.com

By appointment only.

Recommended Parking: parking behind building or on street

Signature Item: Spiritual healing of subtle bodies


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