Jeremy Hamann Art - Pop Up Longmont

320 Main St.
Longmont, CO 80501

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CATEGORIES: Art Galleries | 2nd Friday Map

Artist Statement
“I make art to connect to my inner child and to help others connect to their inner child. I make art that has a child-like simplicity with brightness and shape. I would never tell an audience what to feel but I hope when people look at my art feel the happiness and safety due to all children and all people everywhere.”

About Jeremy
“If my life can be told through art-making my story has three chapters. I have been making art since I was small child. That isn’t that strange I’ll admit, as most children make art quite naturally. The next great burst of art-making in my life was as a senior in high school when I took a wonderful art portfolio class. I was able to play freely for a few hours each week - those hours always flew by. Now, as an adult I am painting again and I am back to those lovely times in my life - hopefully without leaving.”

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